In a perfect world, you wouldn’t need to know much more about ceo than the brief bio over at the Modular site: “ceo is you and you are me and I am ceo. In eternity.” When we wrote about “Prologue” last month, the project was still shrouded in this sort of playful mystery. At this point, folks know it’s the work of the Tough Alliance’s Eric Berglund. The Swede’s debut album White Magic is out next month. Apply facepaint (to yourself and your stuffed animal) or don a mask and grab a guitar and get further acquainted via the Marcus Soderlund-directed video for album track “Come With Me.” Sodurland also recently did jj’s “Let Go” and the xx’s “VCR.” You’ll notice emotional echoes. As well as some white magic. And a free MP3.

Do your own flashback rituals:

(Via Modular Blog)

The tracklist:

01 “all around”
02 “illuminata”
03 “love and do what you will”
04 “white magic”
05 “oh god oh dear”
06 “no mercy”
07 “come with me”
08 “***”

White Magic is out 6/29 via Modular. The cover looks like this:

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  1. it’s my church, my cathedral. you get a sense of what happens when life is left alone

  2. I really relate to this video…cause I have that SAME Totoro plush!

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