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Here we have what’s technically the second listen, though the first in two years (“Audience No. 2″ came in 2008), from a record six years in the making. Beloved when it dropped in ’04 but coming a hair too early for the proliferation of a blogosphere that would have chewed into its Sonic Youth/MBV affectations and spit them into a massive Google footprint, Future Perfect’s still netted the band admirably sustained, even swelling interest in the intervening years. There was a support tour until 2006, and a stop at Wayne Coyne’s ATP NY in 2009, the same year they headlined a tour. For a record they put out five years prior. So the sound of “Supertoys” will come as good news to many. The L.A. based trio — still featuring Eugene Goreshter on bass, Greg Edwards on guitar, Carla Azar on drums, and all three on vocals — recorded the forthcoming, ten-track Transit Transit in their hometown and, with pianos, synths, etc., promise it tweaks and rearranges their signature sonic reference points. However “Supertoy” is less rearrangement than modification on their Sonic reference points, the song coming as a darker, less cathartically resolute but more insidiously melodic cousin to Future Perfect’s big-hooked superjam “Here Comes Everybody.” It’s here, today.

Here’s “Audience No. 2,” or at least how it existed when the band released for it for free download back in 2008:

The years have treated them well.

Autolux by Drew Reynolds

[Photo by Drew Reynolds]

Transit Transit is out 8/3 via TBD Records in North America, and ATP in the rest of the world.

Tracklist Tracklist:

01 “Transit Transit”
02 “Census”
03 “Highchair”
04 “Supertoys”
05 “Spots”
06 “The Bouncing Wall”
07 “Audience No. 2″
08 “Kissproof”
09 “Headless Sky”
10 “The Science Of Imaginary Solutions”

Autolux - Transit Transit

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  1. freekin love autolux, glad they haven’t been forgotten

  2. I love this website, but hardly use. I’m a crappy person when it comes to new stuff out, I usually wait 3-5 months after something comes out to check it out. I couldn’t just forget about this though. I’ve played Future Perfect god knows how many times. Thanks Stereogum. I had thought my favorite guys (and girl) fell off the face of the earth. :(

  3. wow. incredible song. can’t wait for their album!!!
    i missed them.
    thank you stereogum.

    p.s.: will they consider to play a show in berlin perhaps? ;)

  4. p.p.s.: can’t forget my “meet&greet” with trent reznor, 2007 in frankfurt, germany. i had my autolux-shirt on and reznor and the rest of the band kept repeating how cool this band was. :)

  5. These guys are at the very top of a (surprisingly) short list of good bands to come out of LA in the last decade. And their live show is incredibly hypnotic.

  6. Supertoys sounds incredible. The way it starts, stops, the chorus “It’s alright, you’re ok… let it be..” the guitar-climax at the end and Carla Azar’s drumming, omg! Can’t wait for the rest of Transit Transit.


  8. This is my favorite band. Future Perfect is an absolute masterpiece, tragically looked over by the greater music journo community.. and I couldn’t be more excited for a release. When I heard Autolux had finally signed to a good label and had the right support for Transit Transit, I contacted their manager to thank him and the band for persevering on behalf of their love for music, fans, and themselves. This is what the manager replied in email:

    “wow! thanks for all the kind words. the band has worked very hard through many obstacles (that the fans don’t even know about) to make this record. the labels they’re on are great and the people at both labels are huge fans of theirs too. so autolux are in good hands. the wait will be worth it as the band has made an incredibly magical, unique record. i shall pass your email on to the band.”

  9. I found this guy on YouTube! Let me know what you guys think? Here is his latest video he uploaded. Check it out and let me know….Thanks!

    • Are you kidding me? GTFO. Worst shit I’ve ever seen or heard.

      • The above comment is in reference to douchey-leroux (aka lee19tm) and that AWFUL STINKING CRAP SHIT link to some youtube ponce covering Christina Aguillera. He doesn’t even bother trying to relate this to the actual Autolux post, and spammed this shit all over. I guarantee you this rotten jackass pervert lee19tm is the actual artist, so lee, I would appreciate it if you could please fuck off and die slowly in a fire, such that you will be disinclined to continue poisoning my beloved interwebs with your dizzy, malodorous, fuzzy fucking warbles.

  10. Autolux is no Failure, which I’d rather have back together.

  11. Oh man, I’ve been waiting years for this. Thank you!

  12. This just made me sad that Failure didn’t stay together. Lame.

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