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Tennis are a husband and wife duo who’ve lived on a houseboat sailboat, sailing around the ocean, for last year or so while (somehow) recording girl group-y summer pop songs. “Baltimore” is the b-side a-side to their excellent “Marathon.” The latter really shows off singer Alaina Moore’s warm voice especially on the wordless “ooohs” between the verses and in the background. .

The “Marathon” 7-inch is out 7/31 via Underwater Peoples.

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  1. Kate Bush meets Best Coast

  2. blah meets annoying

  3. I believe “Marathon” is the b-side.

    “Balitmore” is the title track of the 7″ and “Cape Dory” is on the front as well.

  4. That said, “Marathon” is amazing and should have been the a-side.

    But from a marketing strategy, it’s smart. “Marathon” has been tearing up blogs for about a month now, so putting it on the back guarantees the sale of all 500 copies of the 7″ while giving exposure to another song of theirs: “Baltimore.”

  5. well that was just terrible and boring zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  6. great stuff. naysayers can kick rocks.

  7. Let’s see… the band writes summer-y music (check), they live on a sailboat (check), and they’re named after one of the whitest games of all time, tennis (check). Yup, sounds about right. I don’t think they’ll have trouble fitting in with Best Coast, Wavves, Beach House, Vampire Weekend, Girls, The Morning Benders, and every other indie band with a summer aesthetic.

  8. I canne download ‘em..

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