DJ O-Face Jay Bells Album Art

Here’s some Friday afternoon listening for your Wednesday afternoon: Two different mash-up albums via two different DJs. DJ O-Face put various Jay-Z vocals over Sleigh Bells songs for the appropriately-titled Jay Bells, while DJ Bassmeister presents a collection of Nosaj Thing tracks paired with Nas songs, called NaSaj Thing. Do they think of the names or the concepts first? Either way, sample some tracks below:

All the tracks are available online via DJ Bassmeister’s Soundcloud page, and DJ O-Face’s Bandcamp page.

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  1. I don’t know… the Jay ones sound pretty half-assed…. espeically the Rill Rill/ Heart Of the City…which are two of my favorite tracks from either band… it just sounds like he just slowed down J too much and dropped it over the Sleigh Bells track. lammmme. A nice try, though.

  2. Coincidentally I was just listening to the grey album today but the Jay-Z mash up was sloppy and lame. It was a good idea and could work in better hands

  3. dirt on your crown is great. nothing else is

  4. Further proves that Sleigh Bells are just noise.

  5. Okay, the Childish Gambino songs are much better. He raps over several great songs on his two “I Am Just a Rapper” mixtapes. Some of the songs I can remember are New Prince (Crown On the Ground-Sleigh Bells), Bitch Look At Me Now (Two Weeks-Grizzly Bear), My Girls (My Girls-Animal Collective), I Can Hear Your Feet (Sunrise-Yeasayer), I Love Clothes (Deadbeat Summer-Neon Indian), Turd In the Oven (Diplomat’s Son-Vampire Weekend), The Real (Infinity Guitars-Sleigh Bells), Get It (Tightrope-Yeasayer), Both Hands (Black Rainbow-St. Vincent), and For the Fans (Warm Heart of Africa-The Very Best). He has a new cd out of his own stuff that I recommend, and he covered Girls’ Lust for Life. Also in case you didn’t know (I don’t know if this is news to anyone or if I am just putting out a huge thing of useless information) but Childish Gambino is actor and Comedian Donald Glover. Just some good hip hop. And his music isn’t a mashup sort of thing, but just him rapping over songs he likes.

  6. Lots of respect to bassmeister on this one.

  7. Wow that NaSaj Thing one is fackin dope. Really well done, I highly recommend downloading the whole album!

  8. DJ BASSMEISTER! A star in the making. Start following his career.. ladies and gentlemen this guy is it!

  9. It seems like you can lay hip-hop over anything. Pull an indie appealing song out of a hat, then a rapper, YAY we got a awes mashup! -_-

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