New Yeah Yeah Yeahs – “Zero”

This next YYYs LP was bound to be one of the year’s most anticipated, regardless. Because the trio are true rock stars in a time where the “rock star” is a relic, because they are serious players, because Show Your Bones proved they were, at least, unafraid to be stylistically adventurous. But that’s bolstered by the unexpected sweat and sexy, jagged swagger of the excellent Is Is EP, which hinted they still had their Feverish roots beneath the increasing L.A. gloss. It’s Blitz!‘s central sound has remained a question mark (that queer as yolk album art gave little hint), although careful readers have noted Nick Zinner’s coming “to the party with a pile of vintage synthesizers.” You don’t need to be a careful listener to hear them here. “Zero” is It’s Blitz!‘s first single, a building, billowing synth-pop anthem with a little Blondie and a big crowd-baiting hook. It sorta splits the difference between Is Is’s brawn and Show Your Bones’s glitz. It’s Blitz!

Thanks for the tip, Will.

It’s Blitz! is out in April 14 via Interscope. Tracklist:

01 “Zero” (4:25 / Eric Biondo – trumpet, Stuart Bogie – saxophone)
02 “Heads Will Roll” (3:41)
03 “Soft Shock” (3:53)
04 “Skeletons” (5:02)
05 “Dull Life” (4:08)
06 “Shame and Fortune” (3:31)
07 “Runaway” (5:13 / Jane Scarpantoni – cello, Greg Kurstin – piano)
08 “Dragon Queen” (4:02 / Tunde Adebimpe – vocals, Stuart Bogie – saxophone, Kyp Malone – tambourine)
09 “Hysteric” (3:50 / Eric Biondo – trumpet, Stuart Bogie – saxophone)
10 “Little Shadow” (3:57 / Imaad Wasif – guitar)