Lil Wayne - 6'7"

It is entirely possible you didn’t realize how much you missed Lil Wayne until you hear “6’7″,” the comeback track the internet posted around while I was in the back of a black cab yesterday. Weezy has spent the last chunk of time in jail on charges related to criminal possession of a weapon and marijuana, and if he wasn’t guilty of that, he would have been in jail on charges related to Rebirth because yikes. Anyway, clean slate, “6’7″” is the reminder that a #freeweezy is a very good thing for hip hop, which itself is coming off a pretty good year. The track is another successful team-up with “A Milli” producer Bangladesh (see: snare pops) and also features Bronx rapper Cory Gunz over a sample of “Day-O (The Banana Boat Song).” All very good things:

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  1. Didn’t really think it was very good. Hearing Wayne spit bullshit punchlines about nothing over annoying frooty loop beats isn’t very entertaining after you’ve heard Kanye’s new album.

  2. I don’t really understand how a “free” Weezy is “good for hip-hop”. Hip-Hop had a good year without him. Maybe pop radio will be better with him out of jail, but this track is just more weezy schtick

  3. i fucking hate lil wayne. thats all.

  4. Makes me wanna get out on the dance floor, cut a rug or two. Opinions are great by the way.

  5. “hating niggas marry hating b-words and have hating kids” – manute bol

  6. I miss this weezy. Hope it continues like this. Also, some people sure are uptight.

  7. Painful to listen to, eeek.

  8. god dam u little bitches lil wayne is a fuvcking beast he could beat fucking anyone in a battle so fuck off and if u dont have anything good to say just fuck off keep watching dont leave a shitty comment

  9. Still not good as 2pac… nuff said

  10. this is good but eminem is still way more beast than lil wayne that is why lil wayne is trying to copy the fast spittn of eminem

  11. if u dont like dis song wtf iz rong witu

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