Bright Eyes - The People's Key

As mentioned in November, the new Bright Eyes album The People’s Key is out in February. Take a look at its flaming cover and a listen to its lead track “Shell Games.” The song goes a lot of places in 4 minutes.

The People’s Key is out 2/15 via Saddle Creek. If you grab it via iTunes you receive a bonus track, “Singularity.” Purchasing it directly from the label gets you “Singularity” + “In The Real World.” Check out the pre-order bundles.

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  1. I can already see people dancing to this at the in 2011.

  2. 2011′s gonna be a great year for folk, you’ve got Bright Eyes, Iron & Wine, Fleet Foxes and The Decemberists The King Is Dead (I just listened to it and it’s pretty incredible, very R.E.M like.)

  3. don’t think i’d call this folk. more like an updated version of journey or something. my little sister will love it when she hears it on a CW commercial.

  4. Journey? Really? Do you listen to music ever?

  5. its more like POP. Conor oberst is a very talented songwriter and if this song moves you great, but half of his work is complete wankkk . This is a proper good song but the performance instrumentation production is shite in my opinion.

  6. also Bright Eyes doesent make folk records there was a period where he thought and proclaimed he was but they are intruth a late postmodern goth/indie/alt-country group.

    Ive listened to much of his work im not slagging him many great songs , but Conor Oberst- Conor Oberst is his only good record in my opinion.

    Plus Iron and Wine is complete second wave 2000′s indie same with The Decemberist .

    Fleet Foxes is somewhat a contemporary folk group but they have much more in common with say New Weird America (which maybe theyve kept alive) than say Pete Seeger lol.

  7. I’ll admit that I was a little worried about this release, simply because though I do like his work with the Mystic Valley Band and MOF, his songs on each of those releases were sub-par to what he has produced in the past.

    But this sounds different. This rests my fears for this record. It sounds like this final record may be a high point for the band. (hopefully. I suppose this could be the only good song)

  8. Becoming impatient for the release of this album .

  9. up all night sweating with anticipation of this release

  10. Do you think this album art is a reference or homage or something to Letting Off The Happiness? They’re pretty similar

  11. woozefa  |   Posted on Dec 22nd, 2010 +3

    i can kind of see why people might make journey comparisons, but i’m more surprised no one has said this sounds pretty much exactly like an arcade fire song. also, it’s not folk music.

  12. Song is good, not great. I could care less if it’s folk or not (it isn’t), all I know is Bright Eyes has a history of making amazing music and I am incredibly excited to see them on this tour.

    • Agreed. I don’t see why anyone would argue about whether it’s folk or not, as though that means anything. Did he say somewhere that all of his music was going to be folk from now on? I’d assume since it’s under the BE moniker that he’d go back to a broader array of instrumentation, with less traditional( i. e. less boring) song structures. But I guess if it isn’t folk it’s got to be emo. And really, any modern bands trying to fit into some traditionalist folk template these days are just selling an image. The more limitations they and their purist critics place on them in order to lend this weird illusion authenticity only make it more inauthentic. Can we plus STFU and just listen to the music?

  13. * make that please STFU

  14. I dig it. Good stuff

  15. this is good!
    i think it’s more reminiscent of digital ash in a digital urn than any other album. and i loved digital ash in a digital urn. feb 15 can’t come fast enough

  16. i have a feeling conor was like, “Mogis, we’ve had enough publicity for Masters of Folk and our other projects, let’s make a pop song and finally make some money.” you’d be surprised how little money they make.

    that said, i’m sick of conor’s free-association lyrical style. he’s pioneered it, but it still needs work; a bunch of opposing subjects mashed up, but no sense made of it. he’ll give you a verse of the things that make people anxious in our “modern times” (trite social commentary), then will give you a half-baked chorus. it’s all half-baked, rushed. he goes from exploiting the Arizona racial profiling bill 9 months ago to singing ebonics “here it come that heavy load” i mean what? i’d like to see him take a few years off from music, or help other people write music/produce some albums, work behind the scenes until he can write good music. he made such a big deal about retiring Bright Eyes, not playing ANY Bright Eyes songs live, and he comes out with this. very underwhelming. when i heard “i must belong somewhere” off Cassadega, I thought, “wow he’s on to something” but this casts doubt on the authenticity of his previous work. i hope the album is good and this is just some kind of filler or fake-out, which still doesn’t bode well for the album’s quality if this is what Conor & Co. use for publicity. whatever. why can’t musicians just gradually progress without taking missteps? infuse dance-pop into their repertoire without going in a completely different direction? why do they have to fuck with their fans by playing shell games with them? conor oberst fans don’t need the tough love of pop songs shoved down our throats. it’s embarrassing to like a band and then see them come out with a sell-out album. don’t they know that? very disappointing. i’m feeling taken for granted by Conor, to be honest. (kinda kidding, kinda not) conor, you’re killing me here!

  17. Its funny , I could see why a fan of bright eyes gets mad when bright eyes are compared to journey. But, once I went back and listened to it again it does have some characteristics of a journey songs not a bad thing, This sound has a lot of different things in it . ..Its the evolution of music …don’t be mad , people hear things that go against what they believe and it throws them off and people get lost, they need to be directed … I bet if conor came out saying he was inspired by journey everyone would be on journey’s dick. And I like the comment where the guy said ” if this is folk music, I have absolutely no idea what folk music is”. ….music is music .

  18. Arcade Fire ripoff.

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