They don’t call it the dead of winter for nothing. (Ooof.) Sorry, but there’s no easy segue from our holiday cheer into a post about the bummers of this year. Autumn is harvest, when we pick the new crop. And now we look back on those that bands calling this year their last, that withered and died, at least until one of their members racks up enough gambling debt to force the others to reunite and generate revenue anew. It’s the circle of life. So, for now, here is our montage memorializing those fallen heroes of 2010.

R.I.P., bands. See you at ATP 2030.

(You don’t have to hold your applause until the end; they never do.)

Thanks to Matt Neatock for compiling footage and editing that piece. And on an even more serious note, R.I.P. to all of these heroes, too (via NYT):

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  1. Hate to break into the grieving process, but that’s not/the wrong Black Box Recorder.

  2. Ummm, Wolf Parade didn’t officially “break up”? They’re on an “indefinite hiatus,” which in more honest terms might mean they broke up, but c’mon guys…

    • i’ll bet they’re back in no more than 5 years. S.R. is on a hiatus too…they seem to be taking a break from all the chaos rather than putting a stop to them all together,

  3. You forgot Finch. They officially called it quits a few weeks ago.

  4. I believe Women never broke-up but simply cancelled the rest of their tour after the altercation they had onstage…

    Anyway, I did share a few tears when I heard the news of Mark Linkous’ passing.

  5. Man, I’ll miss Mobius Band.

  6. Also, The Depreciation Guild broke up about 2 weeks ago. King Khan & The BBQ Show as well. R.I.P.

  7. The Constantines broke up this year too. Totally underrated band.

    Also it would have been cool for the NYT to include Jim Carroll. While known primarily as a writer, “Catholic Boy” is a fantastic and pretty influential record for a lot of bands into 70s punk/new-wave

    • You’re probably right about Constantines though they say they’re just taking a break.

      • Cons were the greatest Canadian band of the last 10 years. bar none. Unfortunately I’ve got it on pretty good authority that they’re done for good. I also saw Horsey Craze, their side project/Neil Young cover band a couple weeks ago, and only the keyboard and bass player were there.

  8. Sad to see some of these bands go.
    I guess the silver lining is that we don’t have to endure another Fratellis album.

  9. actually crying for ponytail, gowns and women.

  10. makes me sad you guys forgot about Pants Yell! :(

    <3 that band

  11. So sad to see These Arms are Snakes go, they were definitely one of the more heartbreaking break-ups, although as with most post-hardcore bands, they have divided into two pretty cool groups: Narrows and Russian Circles.

  12. Yea, Wolf Parade? They just came out and said they are taking time apart. I’d be shocked if we didn’t see another Wolf Parade Album in the next 5 years. Didn’t expect that on the list.

  13. It’s too bad Weezer isn’t on this list. It’s getting pretty sad to watch them implode into themselves.

  14. The Lucksmiths were featured on last year’s In Memoriam as well.

  15. is it too much to hope that next year’s in memoriam includes amrit’s awkward copy?

  16. the only big loss is Supergrass, though i’ll always have a soft-spot for Black Box Recorder for their awesomely stark n genius England Made Me album…though i must confess it’d be fun to see scorpions before they go kaput.

  17. NOOO! Not The Fratellis!!! Now who will do music for the next iPod commercial?!

  18. I really hope Women isn’t actually broken up, because Women is an awesome band. Also, got to see Wolf Parade’s “last” concert at the Sound Academy; that’s pretty lucky.

  19. Judging from some of those names, it was inevitable.

  20. don’t know if anyone already pointed it out, but ponytail are definitely in “hiatus” mode too… according to guitarist dustin wong, they even have a new album completely recorded.

  21. What about As Tall As Lions? I was at their farewell show in Chicago.

  22. The only real loss are the Fratellis and Wolf Parade and as it stands right now, both bands have stated they are only on hiatus.

  23. i will miss voxtrot most of all.

  24. Also: Casiotone For The Painfully Alone

    Next year I’ll ask you guys for help before making the list for this video!

  25. i know you guys like your cutsie little indie bands and all, but a band called The Music should have made this list.

  26. No! As Tall as Lions?! Really? Also, Hello Spencer should definitely be on this list. A group from Murfreesboro, TN

  27. I may have missed it, but did everyone forget about Mark Linkous…Sparklehorse. What a loss. I do a tribute on my music blog

  28. I agree, Sparklehorse, Supergrass, The Mobius Band and The Duchess and the Duke are major losses. sigh. And of course, some of the others I have yet to hear, will probably stumble across, and then hate myself for not knowing them when they were prolific.

    And yes, I too wish Weezer would hang it up while I still have some respect for them. Pinkerton was genius but havent dug much since. Blah.

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