Mogwai - Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will

Mogwai’s seventh album Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will sounds like something Ray Cappo would say. It’s out next month. You’ve already closed your eyes and nodded knowingly to “Rano Pano,” so here’s another album track, “San Pedro.”

Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will:

01 “White Noise
02 “Mexican Grand Prix
03 “Rano Pano
04 “Death Rays”
05 “San Pedro”
06 “Letters To The Metro
07 “George Square Thatcher Death Party”
08 “How To Be A Werewolf
09 “Too Raging To Cheers”
10 “You’re Lionel Richie

Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will is out in Europe 2/14 via the band’s Rock Action imprint and in the States 2/15 via Sub Pop. (If you pre-order the album through Sub Pop, you’ll get a free pair of Mogwai earplugs, wimp.) Before then, you’ll find Hardcore’s “Rano Pano” on a 7″ backed by non-album track “Hasenheide.” Additionally, Rock Action’s releasing “Mexican Grand Prix” as a single on 2/7 backed by non-album B-side “Slight Domestic.”

Mogwai Promo Photo 2010

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  1. Shelter!?!

  2. Well (almost too well) done

  3. I don’t know who Ray Cappo is, but I’m pretty sure the phrase “Hardcore will never die” originated in the hardcore-techno scene, and I guess the Mogwai title is a play on that.

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