Stereogum's 20 Most Overlooked LPs Of 2010

There were more albums released in 2010 than could fit on all the lists released in 2010. (And there were many lists.) With that in mind, and certain ’10 records still ringing in our ears, we put our heads together and thought about some of last year’s favorites that, for some reason or other, didn’t make it onto our official Top 50 Of 2010 — or the year-end lists of many others. (As with last time, the best metal records, overlooked or otherwise, can be found elsewhere). Please note the following’s in alphabetical order. We’ve included an MP3 for each so you can refresh your memory and your iTunes collection. In most instances, we’ve made the case for each in posts throughout 2010, which you can access by clicking the artist name. So here are 20 sleepers from 2010 worth your download and time. Feel free to shout out yours.

Beach Fossils - Beach FossilsBeach FossilsBeach Fossils (Captured Tracks)

Blessure Grave - Judged By 12 Carried By 6Blessure GraveJudged By Twelve, Carried By Six (Alien8)

Buke And Gass - RiposteBuke And GassRiposte (Brassland)

Andrew Cedermark - Moon DeluxeAndrew CedermarkMoon Deluxe (Underwater Peoples)

Crocodiles - Sleep ForeverCrocodilesSleep Forever (Fat Possum)

Darwin Deez - Darwin DeezDarwin Deez – Darwin Deez (Lucky Number)

Everything Everything - Man AliveEverything Everything – Man Alive (Geffen)

Extra Life - Made FleshExtra LifeMade Flesh (Lo Recordings)

Frog Eyes - Paul's Tomb: A TriumphFrog Eyes -Paul’s Tomb: A Triumph (Dead Oceans)

Harlem - HippiesHarlemHippies (Matador)

High Places - High Places Vs. MankindHigh PlacesHigh Places vs. Mankind (Thrill Jockey)

Mountain Man - Made The HarborMountain ManMade The Harbor (Partisan)

O Paon - CoursesÔ PaonCourses (Ô Paon)

Prince Rama - Shadow TemplePrince RamaShadow Temple (Paw Tracks)

PVT - Church With No MagicPVTChurch With No Magic (Warp)

The Russian Futurists - The Weight's On The WheelsThe Russian FuturistsThe Weight’s On The Wheels (Upper Class)

Shearwater - The Golden ArchipelagoShearwaterGolden Archipelago (Matador)

The Soft Moon - The Soft MoonThe Soft MoonThe Soft Moon (Captured Tracks)

Sun Kil Moon - Admiral Fell PromisesSun Kil MoonAdmiral Fell Promises (Caldo Verde)

Xiu Xiu - Dear God, I Hate MyselfXiu XiuDear God, I Hate Myself (Kill Rock Stars)

Who did we miss?

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  1. #21 Alasdair Roberts & Friends

  2. It seems no one got the new Jonathan Richman album O Moon, Queen Of Night On Earth. There’s a great song on it called “My Affected Accent” that should be a must for any Modern Lovers fans.

    His last one, Becuse Her Beauty Is Raw And Wild, in 2008 was also overlooked. It’s too bad because that one had “As My Mother Lay Lying,” probably the most beautiful songs of the last ten years.

  3. Wasn’t that Happy Birthday record really good? I thought it was. Also, The Bonnie “Prince” Billy and The Cairo Gang record was one of my favorites from last year and of Oldham’s career .

  4. Oh yeah, Moonface

  5. Honestly, Gorillaz. I don’t understand.

  6. the crocodiles record is so good i am still listening to it months later. what happened?

  7. Anais Mitchell & JUSTIN VERNON – Hadestown

    Seriously, how come no one has mentioned this? I thought with Justin Vernon as one of the main vocals, this album would get tons of recognition.

    By the way, the album got perfect rating from pretty much all the publications that have reviewed it.

  8. It sort of makes me sad that nobody (unless I missed it) has mentioned Ruby Suns-Fight Softly.

    I love Ruby Suns, and Fight Softly was an amazing album!

  9. Strand of Oaks

  10. THE INNOCENCE MISSION ALBUM CALLED MY ROOM IN THE TREES!!!!!!!!!!!! why oh why does no one listen to them. it is criminal.

  11. eels released two album’s in 2010 and both have been wrongly overlooked. especially end times. end times is one of my favourite albums of the year.

    • yep, E never gets any respect…thank god talk show people are still smart enough to keep booking him etc vs. the indiezine world. It’s sad but if acts from the 90s would just change their names and SOUND like a brand new band…they’d totally get attention and respect. But pretty much unless your Radiohead etc good luck capturing the attention of the 22-28 yr old journalism grads:)

  12. Maybe this wouldn’t fit the parameters since it’s an EP, but I’m thinking Hesta Prynn’s “Can We Go Wrong” should be on this list, or one like it.

  13. Daily Life “Necessary & Pathetic” was a real grower. Conflict of Interest overlooked of coruse.

  14. I know it got Pitchfork BNM and everything, but that Fang Island album destroys and everyone glossed over it.

  15. I adore that Crocodiles album. It blows away their debut and is easily one of my favorites of the year.

    I’d also add Tobacco’s Maniac Meat, which I keep forgetting even came out last year for how little it’s mentioned.

  16. School of Seven Bells – Disconnect from Desire
    Les Savy Fav – Root for Ruin
    Admiral Radley – I Heart California (this album doesn’t even get reviewed anywhere)
    Jenny & Johnny – I’m having Fun Now (best pop album of the year)

    just my 0.02

  17. 1. Nu Sensae- TV, Death, and The Devil

  18. Future Islands did not get nearly as much credit for their album In Evening Air as it deserved. My favorite album of the year.

  19. Agreed on Soft Pack. Other albums I think deserved more attention in 2010:
    * Apollo Ghosts: Mount Benson
    * Dum Dum Girls: I Will Be
    * Sam Phillips: Long Play
    * Sophie Hunger: 1983

  20. Pickin’ Up The Pieces by Fitz And The Tantrums. Great album with lots of soul!

  21. the lack of recognition for Foals, Spoon and Eels is surprising… Foals had a superb record, Spoon’s album which (although it was no ‘Kill the Moonlight’) was still a solid listen, and Eels made an incredibly moving album in the form of ‘End Times’.

  22. I guess they can’t be overlooked if nobody really knows of them. But you should.

  23. Balaclavas – Roman Holiday
    Dem Hunger – Caveman Smack
    Greie Gut Fraktion – Baustelle
    Moon Wiring Club – A Spare Tabby at the Cat’s Wedding
    Mark Van Hoen – Where Is the Truth
    Warpaint – The Fool

    Definitely agree on Mountain Man, Prince Rama, and The Soft Moon


  25. The Darwin Deez album was actually very good. I think he made a mistake by putting his face on the cover; never in a million years would I pick up that album, knowing nothing about the music.

  26. I really dont understand why tokyo police club wasnt on any list, i guess someone forgot it, an got his several punishment

  27. Buke and Gass made our “Hidden Gems” list as well:

  28. Paul Cary – Ghost Of A Man.

  29. Foals did get a couple of mentions on release, so I guess you can’t call it “most overlooked”, but I do think it was bizarrely underrated. Great album, one of my top 5 of the last year, and I was really baffled to see it totally absent from a lot of the end of year lists.

    Agreed too about Romance is Boring. Both discs significant developments on what those bands did before, and outstanding discs in their own right. I was really surprised by the strength of those two, and the relative disappointment of the other follow ups from some other high profile bands I’d been looking forward to.

  30. Summer Fiction was one of the most overlooked records in 2010, hands down. Check it out:

  31. I don’t get it. Aside from a couple albums on this list the selection is pretty poor. I’ve been a big supporter of independent music since I can remember and I have a deep appreciation for artists exploring their creative ability to churn out a sound/genre that defies the norm, but 75% of the items on this list sound God awful. It seems that the attitude towards today’s independent music is that creativity, regardless of the final product, yields a good album. I understand that the term “sounds good/bad” is subjective, but come on, most of these albums are simply too much random noise and not enough music to be considered “most overlooked of 2010″…

    I also recognize that Stereogum (as well as Pitchfork, Consequence of Sound, etc…) specializes in this genre and attracts the same type of crowd, but this site also frequents names like The National, Morrissey, Vampire Weekend, and The Black Keys in its articles. …even Kanye fucking West (whose new album is absolute shit imo) …so it’s obvious they don’t turn a blind a eye to the more “mainstream indie” side of things. So, in total agreement with some previous comments, why aren’t we seeing Josh Ritter, Foals, Salem, Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan, Massive Attack, or Seabear (among many others) on this list?

    I don’t want to squash what these artists are doing because it works for them and their following, regardless of what I think. But it’s so frustrating to me that bands who use traditional chord progressions and recording styles (WHO STILL PUT OUT BEAUTIFUL AND CREATIVE MUSIC!!!!) are being shoved aside and replaced by noisemakers, samples, and random sound effects.

    • (i SO wish isobel campbell would work with someone else, what a waste of her angelic voice with mr trying-to-be-Tom-Waits…the ugliest sounding juxtaposition in history…find someone else girl:)

    • Well written, sir. I fully agree with this statement. So sick of this kind of criteria when judging new music. Who cares if something is 100% original and doesn’t sound like anything else ever if that piece of music is shitty? Maybe there’s a reason nobody ever did that particular sound yet. Cause it fucking sucks!

      Here are some records from 2010 that may not be the most original sounds ever recorded, but the quality of songwriting is very high and I enjoy these records more than 99% of the other crap out there:

      Taylor Locke & The Roughs – Grain & Grape
      Taylor Locke & The Roughs – Marathon (2 albums released last year)
      Bleu – Four
      Ex Norwegian – Sketch

  32. im biased, but Ravenna Woods. For real.

    -support seattle indie music thru my kickstarter page

  33. A very nice comprehensive list. I have been looking for some albums that I have overlooked this year and I think I may have found a few that have averted my attention. A personal favorite of mine that wasn’t on your list was a band from Sydney, Circle, and their new album.

  34. Yo, how about some White Denim? They put out a friggin’ free album, and it rocks!

  35. Overlooked albums:

    Phantogram – Eyelid Movies
    Holy Fuck – Latin
    Hybrid – Disappear Here
    Devo – Something For Everybody
    Ellen Allien – Dust
    The Hundred in the Hands – The Hundred in the Hands
    Maximum Balloon – Maximum Balloon
    Röyksopp – Senior
    Underworld – Barking

  36. Sun Airway “Nocturne of Exploded Crystal Chandelier”. Gorgeous.

  37. it’s unfortunate that a band like blessure grave that was/is (whatever) good, has to have such a dark past. read through this forum and see how much dirt they got on that guy.

  38. so… no love for Hot Chip? it was great album

  39. SO happy to see Darwin Deez and Everything Everything on this list- maybe next year we’ll see Little Comets??

  40. I still can’t understand why Wolf Parade were left off of so many lists! Expo 86 was such a strong record. They’ll be back. Go listen to ‘Ghost Pressure’ again.
    Right now :

  41. I love that Sun Kil Moon records. I think the most overlooked LP of 2010 was Projector by Field Days. I found out about it over at consequence of sound. It’s a member of The Mynabirds. Best songwriting I’ve heard in a long time.

  42. I love that Sun Kil Moon record. I think the most overlooked LP of 2010 was Projector by Field Days. I found out about it over at consequence of sound. It’s a member of The Mynabirds. Best songwriting I’ve heard in a long time.

  43. I think most of them were overlooked for a reason

  44. Though it did make some lists, I feel that Menomena always gets overlooked. “Mines” was excellent. I also think another unrecognized album was the Netherfriends’ “Barry and Sherry.” It was one record I listened to religiously.

  45. Prince Rama was on my personal top 10. That record was super overlooked.

  46. future islands, Hot Chip, Gorrilaz, The Roots, Future Islands, Reflection Eternal

  47. Must admit that the Interpol and the !!! albums deserved better than the wholesale panning they received.

  48. Yes. Hot Chip. Kudos indeed!

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