Mr. Dream - Crime

New York post-punk trio Mr. Dream, one of our favorite new bands of 2010, keep things moving in the right direction in ’11 with this new single “Crime.” Drummer Nick Sylvester calls it “a pop song … punk but with big dumb arena-type moves.” That’s part of what makes these guys special — an ability to honestly dissect themselves without over-thinking it, to pull off “dumb arena-type moves” in smart ways, and to offer a sound that’s fun but never frivolous. Unlike a bunch of pretenders with messy hair and half-understood Black Flag tattoos, they can use the word “punk” without the accompanying douche chills.

“Crime”’s being released as a digital single on 2/8 via iTunes. It’ll be backed with a cover of Fang’s “Law And Order.” Look for their forthcoming full-length debut Trash Hit on 3/1.

Mr. Dream Press Photo 2010

Comments (19)
  1. wow, what a breath of fresh air

  2. holy balls my head just exploded!

  3. best. ever.

  4. enough of this surf rock, finally back to the real shit

  5. good good stuff! sounds great and i bet they are a fucking riot to see live, when are they going on tour?

  6. I see what they are trying to do, not sure how well they are doing it though..

  7. this is making the workday far less suckful

  8. are you kidding me with this shit? more of the same BS. Please stop

  9. herewego

  10. haha. dude sounds like mark hoppus. i like it though

  11. My face came off my face, then looked at my face and said, “whaaaaaaaaa?!” Gets me totally pumped up to destroy Monday.

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