Foo Fighters - Wasting Light

Lots to keep track of if you are ride for the Foos. Roll call: Tonight they accept NME’s Godlike Genius Award, this summer they anchor both Sasquatch! and Lolla, they celebrated Valentine’s Day with a video featuring Lemmy, and on April 12th they’ll release their seventh album, and the first to feature Pat Smear as an official member since The Colour And The Shape. Its title is Wasting Light, its new single is titled “Rope” with vocals slick and sitting middle in the mix and textbook radio friendly hook/self-doubting Gen X angst. For fans of that stuff:


“Rope” is out officially on March 1st. Wasting Light is out 4/12, and features a song called “Dear Rosemary” with Bob Mould.

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  2. woozefa  |   Posted on Feb 23rd, 2011 +24

    OMG New Foo Fighters!

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  4. All snark aside, I just don’t get the appeal of this band.

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  6. I get that if you never liked Foo Fighters, this is no big deal. But for the amount of times I listened to The Colour And The Shape in the late 90s, I can’t help but be curious every time they put out new music. And can I just say that There Is Nothing Left To Lose was SO GOOD, too. This…eh…okay…

  7. Ahhhhhh foo what the hell? I thought this was going to be your heaviest album? Just a bit disappointed, sounds like the same stuff as always

  8. Despite the multitude of uninspiring turds this band has created over recent years and the fact it is clearly cool to make fun of them on stereogum, this isn’t that bad of a song.

  9. I actually think this is pretty killer!

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  11. Isn’t bashing the Foo Fighters kind of like bashing AC/DC at this point. If you don’t like one of their songs, you probably won’t like any of them.

  12. We here in the music related snobby blogosphere love to talk about the the two Weezers. The one we can swallow and the one we can’t. The Foos did the exact same thing, two records of magic or near-magic and and a series of crap afterwords. But, as someone else mentioned, when Weezer or the Foos release something new I feel compelled to give it the benefit of the doubt, maybe the found the magic again. In this case the Foos have not, nor new Weezer for that matter.

  13. It starts with promise, then that familiar ol’ Foo chorus comes back, cheese and all.

  14. this track is awesome, and the video is perfect too.
    can’t wait for “Wasting Light”. April 12th is going to be a good day.

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