The Wrens

O.G. legal indie mp3 dissemination site boarded its DNS gateways back in 2004. And now they’re back, relaunched after a successful Kickstarter campaign to solicit seed-money contributions, and with a publicity-grabbing MP3 premiere from O.G. legal indie procrastination band The Wrens. The NJ heroes have been teasing a Meadowlands followup for about as long as they’d been teasing The Meadowlands. Good things came to those who waited in that instance, of course, and the sound of “As I’ve Known” is the sound of history’s repeat: faded-in chiming guitar figure intro like “Hopeless,” heart-tugging harmonized vocal repetitions like “Happy,” basically an elementally strong Wrens song. Download “As I’ve Known,” it will either get you excited for a new Wrens album or agitated that one still isn’t here. Either way it’s good for you:

We’ll keep you posted on Wrens stuff — keep up with Epitonic, too.

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  1. The only thing I want more than a new album from these guys is a few more shows in Chicago. Their last time through was really off the charts. In the hundreds of shows I’ve been to, it was the only time I’ve seen an honest to god encore. As in, the house lights came up, the canned music turned on, about a third of the crowd left, and those that stuck around literally called them back to the stage.

  2. I had heard of The Wrens but never heard their music when I went to go see them super late at the Mercury Lounge a few years back at CMJ. It was one of the only times in my life that I was utterly blown away by a band in a live setting without knowing a single song going in. It was such an amazing and moving performance. I’ll forever have the utmost respect for this band, and I can’t wait for a new record.

  3. Why did I think that bass player was some sort of ungodly hybrid between a young Tom Arnold and a young Tim Allen?… I shudder to think of the amount of bad comedy that would create…

  4. hopefully this is just a b-side.

  5. I really like this, but why does it cut out halfway through?

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