Monthly Mix: March 2011

The March edition of our Monthly Mix series runs the gamut from South London mixtape hip-hop, to lady-baiting R&B, pop, to lady-fronted arpeggiated-vocal ukulele/sax funk. Or at least it runs that gamut within its first three tracks. There are plenty of collaborations (the lead harmonizers from Fleet Foxes and Grizzly Bear, harmonizing; PS I Love You and Diamond Rings, also) and some interesting and honorifically named reappropriations (Rihanna’s “Hard” on Giggs’ “Hard Style,” Waka Flocka Flame’s raps on Elite Gymnastics’ ’90s club workout “WΛKΛ”); some blistering new wave (Cold Cave) and blistering punk/metal/whatever (Liturgy). There are new tracks from old heralded heroes (J Mascis) and an old track from an old Harald hero (i.e. Grosskopf). As always the purpose of these mixes is to roundup the best free and legal MP3s to surface on the web since our last installment; as always, I couldn’t help but sequence it to tease the dialogue from track to track. There are 16 of them all told, which you can download in one zip file and see listed individually below:

Stereogum Monthly Mix: March 2011 (128.61MB .zip)

01 tUnE-yArDs – “Bizness”
02 Frank Ocean – “Songs For Women”
03 Giggs – “Hard 3style”
04 Elite Gymnastics – “WΛKΛ”
05 PS I Love You – “Leftovers” (Feat. Diamond Rings)
06 Cold Cave – “The Great Pan Is Dead”
07 Liturgy – “High Gold”
08 Robin Pecknold – “I’m Losing Myself” (Feat. Ed Droste)
09 Explosions In The Sky – “Trembling Hands”
10 The Wrens – “As I’ve Known”
11 Ponytail – “Easy Peasy”
12 Alex Winston – “Locomotive”
13 Harald Grosskopf – “Synthesist”
14 Peaking Lights – “All The Sun That Shines”
15 SLEEP ∞ OVER – “Casual Diamond”
16 J Mascis – “Is It Done”

Enjoy. Remixtape Vol. II coming soon; for now, here’s Vol. I, which was worthy.

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  1. Link is Down!

  2. Thanks for the mix as always. One complaint though. I like the rad album art you guys have for each album but when I go to add the tracks to iTunes your logo is already embedded on each song, not the artwork. Maybe you could embed the artwork you use instead of just your logo in the future….it would make my iTunes library a little more colorful. Thanks again!

  3. Thanks thanks thanks

  4. Still can’t get enough of that tune-yards song. And the Wrens tune is an astonishing treat. Thanks!

  5. Thanks, these mixes are great.


  7. k so here’s an alternative link:

  8. Link’s back up, forever more, friends.

  9. Link is down :(

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