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  • Death From Above 1979
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Death From Above 1979

We knew Death From Above 1979 was reuniting with their first planned show happening at this year’s Coachella. But the band, who broke up five years ago, made their first appearance during a surprise set at SXSW. The band played late Saturday night at the outdoor, tented stage at Beauty Bar. The venue was already at capacity when they were announced, but fans waiting outside in an alleyway tried (and for a while, succeeded) to tear down the fence separating them from the band. After the fence came down police halted the show and cleared the alley (using mounted police officers and pepper spray). The band finished their set a bit after. See photos of the band above (by Graeme Flegenheimer), and scenes from the DFA mini-riot below:

(via CoS)

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  1. That’s the most pathetic excuse for a “riot” I’ve ever seen…

  2. That’s a pretty bullshit riot. There was no blood. They even put the chain link fence back up. They should have set the chain link fence on fire. And used it to roast/eat the horses. I’m just saying, if you’re going to call it a riot, there should be something better than this.

    Wait, wait. Is… is that a bike-mounted police man? Oh man, fuck this, guys. I’m going home.

  3. MAN THAT IS NOT A RIOT. THE TIME I HAD CAPRI SUN WITHOUT A STRAW? CRAZY RIOT. I mean, you can’t say that it is crazy blog-worthy hyperbole since it legally constitutes a riot (there were three or more people fucking shit up, and possibly fucking other people up, lame I know) and also they are fun and play loud and people like them, so who cares? We all know it’s for the money anyways. And if someone is going to get money, I’d rather it be rad Canadians instead of literally anything else. They are an international treasure.

  4. Everybody is too busy to trying to record a riot with their cell phone to actually bother to riot.

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