TVOTR Letterman Concert

Last night TV On The Radio performed a 41-minute set for David Letterman’s “Live on Letterman” concert series. They opened with “Young Liars” into “Dancing Choose” before moving into Nine Types Of Light via “Caffeinated Consciousness.” The live stream’s been archived, so here’s the whole thing:

If you’re not sated, there’s a remix of “Will Do” by Major Lazer/M.I.A cohort Switch streaming at 107.7 The Edge.

Nine Types Of Light is out via Interscope.

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    • They are not overrated whatsoever!!! I’ve seen them in person live twice & they are quite incredible as they are here. If anything they need to be more appreciated by the general public.

  2. awesome. awesome awesome awesome awesome.

  3. I saw them at Roots Picnic 2009, they opened with Young Liars then as well. They’re a great live band and in no way overrated.

  4. Great live performance!! “Nine Types of Light” is an amazing album for a great review check out our blog

  5. Dave has a nice set of guitar chimes.

  6. RIP Gerard. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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