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Weird Al told the New York Times that Lady Gaga personally said no, but the always-vague “sources close to the singer” told TMZ that she hasn’t even heard the “Born This Way” parody yet, let alone vetoed it. Weird Al put the parody on YouTube, so you can judge it yourself. Think Lady Gaga should approve this?

Weird Al’s a lot funnier when he doesn’t target the artist in the song, as in:

The counterargument:

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  1. I really doubt she would deny him this. If she can say with a straight face that Rebecca Black is a true artist, I doubt she would stand in the way of anybody doing what they consider to be their art.

  2. It put a smile on my face

  3. It got several laughs out of me! I’d think Gaga would be fine w/it, since it’s a sign that she’s ‘made it’ to have Al parody her. . . .

  4. Weird Al just updated his blog indicating that Gaga never heard the song originally, her management shut down the request without her.


    • Most importantly: Now that Gaga herself has heard the song, she has approved of it and it WILL be on Weird Al’s next record. AND all proceeds from the single will got to the Human Rights Campaign!

      • Her producer told her that she’d seem ‘cooler’ if she let Weird Al poke fun at her.

        Self-effacing humor boosts her ‘authenticity’.

        • Of course. Otherwise, why would Palin have ever appeared on SNL?

          But really, I don’t think it’s fair to assume that. She’s a busy gal, and it’s entirely plausible her management team vetoed the idea without her knowledge or permission. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if that’s what happened–especially considering the proceeds will go to HRC, and Gaga has time and time again stuck her neck out to support gay rights.

  5. Pretty lame. Even by Weird Al standards.

  6. Weird Al isn’t dead yet?
    I’m pretty sure no one should care what this guy does with his spare time.

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