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We brought you a Progress Report on Man Man’s fourth full-length, Life Fantastic, and we also presented the title track a few weeks back. This album’s an exciting change for the band for all the reasons previously mentioned — with producer Mike Mogis behind the band, the songs feel more focused and elegant. The wackier ideas still get room and execution, but they’ve been organized and groomed to fold into the album. In other words: the mustache is there, it’s just gotten a trim. Listen for yourself below:

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  1. My kingdom for a bass player! This is the Man Man I miss:

  2. It’s definitely different. I wish it was more “Schizophrenic” like the past stuff, Oh La Brea is pretty damn gooood though


  4. so. good. turned it on and sat still listening all the way through. really intriguing production from Mogis.

    • “I think I’m better than everyone else because I always sit down and listen through music the first time it comes out and I absolutely LOVE bragging about my music knowledge. HEY. HEY. LOOK AT ME. I’M A PRODUCTION MAJOR AT MY COLLEGE.” – Josh Ditty ^

  5. Man Man is awesome! Just listened to the whole thing through. Maybe I like their old albums better, but come on, its pretty hard to repeat perfection right? Haute Tropique is my favorite right now. “We were born who we were meant to be, if youre bad then be bad the best..” nice.

  6. This CD is truly fantastic! Actually it’s Life Fantastic… But you know what I am trying to say… I have been listening to Man Man since Six Demon Bag released and I have been following them ever since. With each CD released, their sound becomes more refined and more approachable for people new to the band. And I honestly love that. This is one band I always recommend to everyone I possibly can. If you don’t know Man Man, then you don’t know that Life is Fantastic!

  7. so i guess i have to be the cynic? i’m pretty disappointed, :( this seems monotonous and uninteresting and not comparable to their other cds. i feel like i’m listening to “ok, go” but i don’t have an interesting music video to keep me from wandering off. i don’t think this is what the fan base wanted? but i guess it’s more economic to appeal to the masses. looks like they will go the way of incubus and the chili peppers… =[

    • Where the hell do you get incubus and the chili peppers from this? What the hell are you hearing? I’m listening to a most excellent man man album. They said they’d like to try and mix stuff up every album, its insulting when the same band puts out the same record over and over again, if your such a fan of an album why dont you just keep listening to that?

      • I don’t think that he is saying it sounds like RHCP and Incubus, I think he means that just like Incubus and RHCP did, Man Man is changed its sound to appeal to the masses for economic gain (aka selling out)

        Not how I feel mind you, just interpreting it. I don’t think its their best album. But I like it a whole lot. And I’m a huge fan of all the other albums as well.

  8. Hearing a bit of Dan Deacon on Piranhas Club! Will have to spend some time with this to see if it tops Six Demon Bag… digging it more than the last one so far, though..

  9. I think if I had to go with one word to describe this album compared to Six Demon Bag or Rabbit Habits, it’d be sanitized. Both of those albums had their slower and more restrained sections, like Van Helsing Boom Box and Poor Jackie, but this feels different. It feels like a hyperactive kid stuffed into a suit. There’s definitely a lot of energy and imagination behind it, but it never comes to the forefront, it just kind of waits in the background for its moment to shine, but never finds it. It’s not a bad album, but it’s lost a lot of the band’s charm.

  10. I disagree so so much with the last few posts. I’ve been a huge Man Man fan since just before Six Demon Bag, and I think this is my favorite album already. What some people are interpreting as “sanitization” I’m hearing as FINESSE. They’ve simply become better musicians (especially obvious live). There’s still a good bit of chaos going on but there’s tighter songwriting and playing underneath. For that reason it IS probably the most accessible album, i.e. its the one I’ll use to get friends interested in them. Nothing wrong with that! Its still the same ol Man Man to me but a perfect evolution for my tastes.

    I saw them live last week and it was the best show yet, and certainly wasn’t lacking in any energy or craziness of past shows. The new songs sounded great and I like the new effects they’re playing with.

  11. If I could afford to have Bob Ludwig master my album, I would.
    If I could afford to have Mike Mogis and Nate Walcott add strings and production, I would.
    Otherwise, I’d be somebody on the sidelines, wishing that could happen to me. Or complaining about how it didn’t happen.

  12. I fucking love this band. This is the best band ever, period.

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