As you might remember, Wolf Parade announced their semi-permanent hiatus back in November. They played Sasquatch! over the weekend and wrapped up their time together with a one-off show in Vancouver Tuesday night. Thanks to Youtuber AwesomeSoundVS we’ve got videos from that final, two-hour-plus performance at the Commodore Ballroom below along with the set list, courtesy of The Backstage Rider. According to the website the show didn’t sell out because they only announced it two weeks earlier. It still looks like it was packed, as you can see from their show closer, “Knockin On Heaven’s Door.” The whole audience climbed onstage to sing along. Watch:

“You Are A Runner And I Am My Father’s Son”

“Dear Sons and Daughters of Hungry Ghosts”

“California Dreamer” and “Language City”

“Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” (Bob Dylan cover)

“Soldier’s Grin”
“What Did My Lover Say?”
“Palm Road”
“Dear Sons and Daughters of Hungry Ghosts”
“Ghost Pressure”
“Oh You, Old Thing”
“Fine Young Cannibals”
“Cloud Shadow on the Mountain”
“Shine A Light”
“I’ll Believe in Anything”
“Little Golden Age”
“Kissing the Beehive”

“This Heart’s on Fire”
“California Dreamer”
“Language City”
“You Are A Runner”
“Fancy Claps”
“Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door”

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  1. music this good comes along very rarely. My god will I miss these dudes.

  2. also, mad “lol’z” at the dude giving Dan a kiss at the end, and mad “respect” to Dan giving it right back.

  3. I’d forgotten they were breaking up. God, these guys were good. Saw them at Terminal 5. One of the few times I was convinced I was going to pass out. Great night of music.

    Wolf Parade never felt like a band to me. They were great musicians that came together under the name Wolf Parade and remarkably made a classic in Queen Mary and gave the obligatory followups. But they never came off like a unit that creatively should last. I’m thankful they made the records they did and I wish them all success in the future.

    I can’t even get excited for the new Coldplay song tomorrow because of this.

    • “remarkably made a classic in Queen Mary and gave the obligatory followups.”

      I would challenge that statement any day. Expo 87 was good, not great–sure. But Zoomer was every bit as good as Apologies to me, the only difference being that we had heard the WP ‘sound’ before. Imagine, for a moment, hearing ‘California Dreamer’ for the first time, or ‘Language City’, or fuck me sideways, ‘Kissing the Beehive’, all in the context of a debut record rather than a follow up. I would argue that we would look back on Zoomer,–were Zoomer their debut–and consequently Apologies–were apologies their sophomore, the exact same way we look at them today, with the debut (Zoomer) being the triumphant classic and the sophomore effort (Apologies) being the great, but nevertheless underwhelming follow up. To me the quality of music between the two is identical–indie classics of their time, or any other–and it is simply the order in which they were given to us that distinguishes them.

  4. ddogdunit  |   Posted on Jun 3rd, 2011 0

    ^^^ nope, “call it a ritual” and “bang your drum” suck pretty hard. do any songs on apologies come close to sucking? nope. save your half-baked theories for the wolf parade message board, which is pretty active.

    ps. it’s expo 86

    • I like both those songs and might prefer them to Dinner Bells and Same Ghost Every Night. Apologies was amazing, truly, but what Wolf Parade evolved into was equally as amazing in it’s own right. I don’t think the two albums can even be compared.

    • dude, you got way too sensitive way too quick, probably because you’re a bit of a douche. a ‘half baked theory’? hardly. more like a personal opinion on zoomers reception compared to apologies. and my bad on the typo, honest error.

  5. This is sad. But with Spencer and Dan having side projects that are just as good if not better, it’s not that sad. I haven’t really found anything by Spencer I haven’t loved to death except for Snakes Got A Leg, I guess.

  6. I think Mt. Zoomer is their best album.

    Don’t leave out “Animal In Your Care,” great jam.

  7. Great clips! Any idea what camera AwesomeSoundVS used?

  8. Yup. I know him, which is why it was funny to see the videos here.

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