Balam Acab - WANDER / WONDER

“Oh, Why” is the darkly beautiful lead track from 20-year-old Pennsylvanian Alec Koone/Balam Acab’s full-length debut WANDER / WONDER. Before you listen, here are Koone’s thoughts on the Tri Angle-imprinted collection:

It’s an open ended album, and I think individuals should make their own meaning of it so that it is something actually real to them. It’s not classical music, but in the tradition of a classical work like a Bach Cello Suite, I see it as more of a whole musical piece with themes/motifs/ideas reoccurring throughout, connecting the tracks together as opposed to simply being a collection of songs that sit next to each other in isolation. It’s also an album that should be listened to loudly.


01 “Welcome”
02 “Apart”
03 “Motion”
04 “Expect”
05 “Now Time”
06 “Oh, Why”
07 “Await”
08 “Fragile Hope”

WANDER / WONDER is out 8/29 via Tri Angle.

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  1. This is great. Makes me think of things past, memory and its phantasmatic whispering.

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