R&B leading light/libido The-Dream is back with the full-album followup to his Love trilogy this fall, titled The Love, IV (Diary Of A Mad Man). Two songs are now streaming, each tackling the US’s ballooning global debt and the increasing likelihood of its technical default to China. Just kidding they’re about fucking. Yeah!

Hear them over at

The Love, IV (Diary of a Mad Man) is out 9/20.

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  1. My body is ready.

  2. “Fuck My Brains Out” in particular is a winningly funny, catchy, and impeccably overproduced bit of kitsch, but are we really supposed to buy the relentless ladies’ man schtick? I can’t tell if it’s meant to be ironic or if he’s being laughably sincere. I mean, dude’s a chubby, effeminate studio nerd. C’mon. Plausibility killa is more like it.

  3. I’m a total Dreamhead, so, as always, the coverage is truly appreciated. both tracks are killer, FMBO reminds me a lot of Fast Car, which is a REALLY good thing, and the beat on Body Work brings to mind LVM pts 1&2, as well as Abyss, among others…

    Terius has obviously got (and has had, for a long time now, clearly) his sound down pat, and he’s amazingly managed to keep from getting stale. Psyched for The Love IV.

    BTW, did these actually drop on 6-7-twenty-11? Because even though we didn’t get that Love Affair, this is still a pretty solid hold over til September.

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