Today’s my last day at Stereogum, so instead of the best videos of this week, I’m posting the best videos of the year so far. They line up pretty closely with my favorite videos of the year, but hey, it’s my last day. I get to pick my favorites. I included videos from my two favorite up-and-coming director collectives (DANIELS and CANADA), directors who create mesmerizing puzzles, some uncomfortable clips, some uncomfortable narratives, and a few NSFW videos.

If you’ve got 2011 videos that you think should be here, put them in the comments. And thanks for reading/watching/listening over the last year.

Manchester Orchestra – “Simple Math” (Dir. DANIELS)

Battles – “Ice Cream” (Dir. CANADA)

Eskimo – “We Got More” (Dir. Cyriak Harris)

World Order – “Machine Civilization” (Dir. Genki Sudo)

Jogger – “Nephicide” (Dir. Matthew Robinson)

Lykke Li – “Sadness Is A Blessing” (Dir. Tarik Saleh)

UNKLE – “Money and Run” (Feat. Nick Cave) (Dir. Tom Haines)

Cloud Nothings – “Should Have” (Dir. John Ryan Manning)

The Irrepressibles – “In This Shirt” ["The Lady Is Dead"] (Dir. Roy Raz) (NSFW)

Felix Cartal – World Class Driver (Dir. Josh Forbes)

Is Tropical – “The Greeks” (NSFW) (Dir. Megaforce)

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  1. That UNKLE video already gets #1 of the year. I absolutely cannot say enough good things about it. Ohmygod, so perfect in every single way.

  2. Godspeed you, jessica.

  3. Is Tropical’s video for “The Greeks” is really cool.

    I thought the Lykke Li video was kinda boring. But that’s my personal opinion

  4. Don’t forget Walk by the Foo Fighters.

  5. Does this mean the end of the Best Videos of the Week series? Sure hope not! Best feature Stereogum has.

  6. Holy sh*t balls that Is Tropical video was great.

    But the video for Nephicide is my vote for video of the year. It’s just a classic video.

  7. We’re all gonna miss you, Jessica. Thanks for enriching my life with some great videos. Here’s my nominee: Tom Vek’s A Chore.

  8. Thank you for all of the great posts! Best of luck!

  9. Sorry to see you go.

  10. thank you jessica! cheers to you.

  11. Thanks for your contributions – you helped make Stereogum what it is today.

    On a video-related note, I would’ve certainly included “True Loves” and “Yonkers”.

  12. I second Ian Schober’s notion and propose to include ‘Civilzation’ (Justice) and ‘She Wants’ (Metronomy).
    Then again, I would also be that dick that bombards people with links whenever I get the chance.

    (cough cough)
    excuse me!

  13. The video for “San Pedro” from Mogwai’s new album was pretty great. I think it deserves a spot amongst the best videos of the year so far.

  14. Some great videos, but you left out the best one of the year.

  15. 1. Berlin Brides – Ballad for the Touch-Deprived
    2. Amanda Palmer – Map of Tasmania
    3. Robyn – Call Your Girlfriend

  16. Sorry to see you go Jessica, your music video taste is always impeccable. My two favorite videos of the year are the top two that you posted from DANIELS and CANADA and number three is the Is Tropical video. Have fun at MTV!

  17. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? This is the best from Stereogum. At least you got to leave somebody with your remarkable good taste. If Stereogum drops this section will be difficult for me to take the time and visit the site.

    Anyway, all your posts were great, good work researching, thanks Jessica!

  18. Just want to post my favorite song at the moment which also have a wicked video.
    Skatebaard with Way Out;

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