TV Girl - Benny And The Jetts

On their self-titled EP, San Diego duo TV Girl sampled Todd Rundgren on the sun-dappled indie pop/hooptie cruising track “If You Want It,” providing an interesting counterpoint to Neon Indian’s more psychedelic and chillwaved rework of Todd. On TV Girl’s new EP there’s a similar feeling of sugary sweet nostalgia and more modern backbeat production styles. It’s a stylistic trick that hasn’t worn its welcome, and one TV Girl makes seem easy. “Baby You Were There” is the single they’re giving away, sort of like “Mr. Sandman” as done by the Dust Brothers on an extremely restrained day. It’s pleasant, and an earworm. Download that, and if you like it, the rest of the EP, here:

Hear it:

Benny and the Jetts EP by TV Girl

Have it:

TV Girl’s self-titled EP is also still a free download at their Bandcamp.

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  1. I really love this EP, it sounds like it belongs on 70′s AM radio in the best way.

  2. This sounds more than a little bit like Len.

    Not necessarily a bad thing, just sayin’.

  3. This band is going places. Samples are clever and retain/expand the original harmonies. Nice use of the narrative. Great contrast between the bouncy rhythm and description of “Lizzie” with the gloomy day and sad thoughts about her. The band’s sarcasm re melodies and sampling is clever too. My favorite.

  4. Oh yes, I like this very much. Thank you for the download.

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