Warm Ghost

Brooklyn electro duo Warm Ghost follow up this year’s Uncut Diamond EP with a proper full-length titled Narrows. Thematically, the album’s press materials point to Carl Jung, William Gibson and Jorge Luis Borges; musically, it’s building from the template set out by any of a number of woozy synth-pop bands that owe their existences to Brian Eno. “G.T.W.S.” is an acronym for something unknown (at the moment), though the lazed but cocksure new wave feel to the vocals make it feel like at least Warm Ghost know what they’re talking about, as do the electronic sounds filling out the song’s corners. Download it here for yourself:

Narrows is out 9/27 via Partisan.

01 “G.T.W.S.
02 “I Will Return
03 “Once One”
04 “Myths On Rotting Ships”
05 “Ply7″
06 “Inside And Out”
07 “Mariana”
08 “Splay Of Road”
09 “An Absolute Light”

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  1. … or maybe Brian Eno owes his existence to Roedelius and Conny Plank. These dudes sound like they are listening to a deeper record collection than Eno. Just sayin’ mang. Great song too!

    • Yeah! Feel free to be just sayin’, it keeps things vital around here. And word — Roedelius and Conny are being cued up this weekend in your honor.

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