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The lovelorn “Fallout“’s made the rounds, now there’s another serving from Alan Palomo’s forthcoming Era Extraña. It’s called “Polish Girl,” it is about a Polish girl, and it makes interesting, intuitive allies out of Neon Indian and M83 vis a vis the latter’s “Midnight City.” Beyond the obvious synth-ronicity between their approaches to dance pop, “Polish Girl” and “Midnight City” make a fine pair by immediately establishing compact keyboard motifs (6 notes and 4 notes, respectively) and letting them repeat while the scenery and chords beneath change shape and structure. Minds steeped in the ’80s, thinking alike. When you DJ next, take them back-to-back.

(via NPR)

Neon Indian’s Era Extrañais out 9/13 via Alan’s Static Tongues via Mom + Pop. Over at the Neon Indian site you can pre-order any of four different package options, from CD or vinyl ($13 and $19) to the deluxe $50 edition which comes with a custom synth Palomo designed with Bleep Labs that has three independently controllable oscillators and also a jack for lights and sensors and such.

Here’s the LP’s tracklist:
01 “Heart: Attack”
02 “Polish Girl”
03 “Blindside Kiss”
04 “Hex Girlfriend”
05 “Heart: Decay”
06 “Fall Out”
07 “Era Extraña”
08 “Halogen (I Could Be A Shadow)”
09 “Future Sick”
10 “Suns Irrupt”
11 “Heart: Release”

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  1. Hopefully, this is what the majority of the album will sound like, because Alan done good.

  2. We can only hope for a synth-ronized dance music video to accompany this song.

    I instantly broke into dance when hearing “Polish Girl” — glad to see it’s the lead song on the album (I consider the “Heart” sections intro/interlude/outro respectively)

  3. i believe Midnight City is a much better song

  4. I consistently get fucked by the links on this website, anyone else have that problem?
    ps, this song tight.

  5. Pretty sweet song! He is a synth master!

  6. This and the new M83 song are similar in that they feature a synth riff, but they are on two separate playing fields. M83′s track is amazing for how blown out and huge it sounds, this song is fantastic for its laid-back vibe and groove. Also, this song has a much catchier vocal part, while M83′s song is mostly a showcase for the gigantic synth riffs. Both are great.

  7. Get outta here!

  8. Okay, if you’re gonna spam the comments section (or is it “trolling”? I don’t know), at the very least use correct punctuation! I don’t know if your girlfriends camera was $34 or $26…as this could be very valuable information for me, the consumer.

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