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  • Weezer @ Pacific Amphitheater
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After teaming up with the Flaming Lips on the East Coast, Weezer headed West to the Pacific Amphitheater last night as part of the Orange County Fair concert series. The band added another cover to their collection by tackling Foster The People’s “Pumped Up Kicks” (which you can watch below) along with “Paranoid Android.” Check out the above pics of Rivers rocking my hat during “Surf Wax America.”

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  1. great cover i love this song

    and hey cameraman could you hold ur phone the right way

  2. What a joke this band has become. Next thing you know they are going to be having a cruise.

  3. this is so great.. thanks weezer for doing another cover! keep em coming!

  4. I think the sound doesn’t fit the lyrics.
    The original was great because the lyrics were disturbing, but the music was bright and colourful but at the same time detatched and unearthly.
    This is just stupid.

  5. Prediction: NEXT COVER? …Born This Way.

  6. It’s pretty awesome that Weezer covered this FTP song. I love Foster The People! Check out their newest music vid if you haven’t already

  7. What would possess Weezer to cover one of the most lame songs every written???

    • I disagree that the song is lame, but under the assumption that it is, it is Weezer who isn’t known for a totally stellar reputation (or did I miss something, and Make Believe is highly lauded now?) so it seems quite reasonable to think they would cover a song you may not like.

  8. I’ve been hearing this song everywhere lately, I’m glad Foster the People are doing well.

  9. yea idk bout this one. weezer…..please jst give it a break. ur breaking way to many hearts

  10. great match – also liking new Foster vid for Helena Beat

  11. i think it’s time for rivers to kill weezer and go solo

    • I’ve got news for you. Rivers killed Weezer ten years ago with something called the Green Album, and the decade that followed has been nothing more than an exercise in contempt for his audience and music in general.

  12. How come Rivers looks like he should be singing Teenage Dirtbag in this picture!?!?

  13. Loving Foster the People, Pumped up kick was my favorite summer song last year. Actually this year too. It just has that sound where you wanna sit out on a terrace and chillout with the hipsters. I’ve been covering them for a while on my Music Blog – Note Noted.

  14. Weezer have amazing songs but some are totally crap.But still they are a great band

    • Yes, naturally, all bands will have some songs that are better than others (and no, I’m not talking about intentional silly throwaway tracks or transitional noise pieces), but a band with a decade’s worth of, at best, spotty material, is not a great band. Weezer made two great albums, and then they inexplicably carried on as a shadow of their former selves. This all has to do with Rivers’s precious, damaged ego. He was just so hurt that Pinkerton wasn’t a critcally lauded smash hit right away that like a little baby he decided, “Waaah, I’m never going to write an album of heartfelt music again because look how I got burned! Oh, they just want catchy songs? I’ll give them catchy songs, and that’s all they’ll ever get!” Many essays have been written on Rivers’s steep and confounding decline, but this is really it in a nutshell.

  15. I can’t wait for Weezer to jump the shark and come out with a Motown Cover Album

  16. They’ve done about a million things that for any other band would be considered jumping the shark. However, because Weezer started off as a smart band that did things ironically, people continue to give them the benefit of the doubt with any wacky thing they do, completely missing that they stopped doing things tongue-in-cheek a really long time ago. Willingly or not, they became everything they once joked about.

  17. leave it to weezer to almost makes this song tolerable.

  18. Check out Oak and Gorski’s CELLO/GUITAR cover of Pumped Up Kicks!

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