Justice - Audio, Video, Disco

“Helix,” the Audio, Video, Disco cut you’ve spent an entire 15 seconds with so far, is now a fully formed song available for your stream. It’s an ebullient serving of cut-and-paste digital funk with guitars that honor Ratatat and a chopped-up vocal sample that bobs like Billy Ocean poured into a blender on pulse. Stream it here:

Audio, Video, Disco is out 10/25 on Ed Banger/Because/Elektra. Dont’ forget the title track, nor its video.

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  1. disappointed again. before the first single the album was instant buy for me. not sure about it right now

  2. About a month ago I made a comment that I bet Helix would be the best song on the album. Well, it’s a bit better than Audio, Video, Disco…I’m probably going to drop a few dollars on this album anyways, in hopes that the rest of the tracks will be better.

  3. At least it’s an improvement.

  4. Hahahah what the hell is this

  5. Negativity strikes Justice fans yet again! Well, I think it’s pretty decent…

  6. Do you haters just want them to release “Cross” again or what? This album will be different it’s four years down the line for these guys.

  7. “Justice should break up” – Pitchfork

  8. “Source Tags and Codes = 10.0″ – Pitchfork


  9. if you’re not excited about this album, you must not have heard “Civilization.”

  10. Fun great track, got a wonderful feel about it. We have heard 2nd and last two tracks off album. Still got the opener to listen to and the whole major middle part of the album, so I am expecting and anticipating greatness. I absolutely loved the Audio, Video, Disco Music Video, peace.

  11. Its alright. Still waitin on dat banger doe…

  12. i like it! but i still think justice got their entire existence from the album Discovery.

  13. “I hate this, it doesn’t sound like cross” – every justice fan

  14. RIP DJ Mehdi

  15. Not all tracks in one album are good ones, but i like Civilization and Audio Video Disco.

  16. hipsters=haters=faaaaaaaaaaaaags

  17. If you look really carefully you will notice Xavier and Gaspard are in that album cover. They are in the bottom right corner wearing a t-shirt and jeans! Feels like I’m the only who has seen that.

  18. Ahhh the sound of Daft Punk laughing. See ya later Juuuustice.

  19. its not good if old things get chewed over and over again
    new and interesting stuff is going to be released later guys!
    so stoked to hear the rest of the album
    follow me @conteknows

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