The Beach Boys - The SMiLE Sessions

Brian Wilson’s “lost” classic is getting its deluxe release, and you can stream all 40 tracks over at Spinner. And it comes not a moment too soon, for we live in a world where a Google Images search for “Brian Wilson Halloween” nets a ton of tips on dying your beard. Here’s to our Brian reclaiming the name.

To refresh your recollection, The SMiLE Sessions is out tomorrow 11/1, and features 5 CDs, 2 LPs, and 2 7” singles as well as a booklet, photographs and other deluxe packaging. And we’re giving one away.

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  1. it’s kind of perfect.

  2. Channeling Chris from Parks: I’ve LIT-TRA-LEE listened to Wonderful 30 times so far!

  3. I’ll admit I’m a little disappointed. I mean, it’s a great listen but it still sounds like an incomplete album. It should be seen as more of a companion piece to Brian’s 2004 solo release of Smile which is a complete album. While it’s great to hear the original Beach Boys sing these songs, I prefer the ’04 version. But I guess there’s a reason why it’s called “The Smile Sessions” rather than just “Smile.” Either way, it’s totally worth buying, it’s definitely the best Beach Boys album since Sunflower, but just don’t throw away your other Smile CD in favor of this one.

    • I got a -1 for this comment but I will elaborate. If you listen to the albums back to back, you’ll notice significant differences. These are just a few of them I noticed.

      1. On “Good Vibrations;” while the bridge has been restored, Tony Asher’s lyrics are completely absent.
      2. “I Wanna Be Around” has no lyrics at all!
      3. In place of “In Blue Hawaii” (one of my favorite tracks from the 2004 version) is the similar but inferior “Love to Say Dada.”

      I’m not saying it’s a bad album at all, I love it, I think it’s incredible and I’ve listened to the entire thing three times through already. But it’s still an unfinished album with too-noticeable gaps which were flawlessly filled in by the ’04 version. I don’t think either is better than the other, I just don’t think it’s accurate to say this is the completed Smile.

      • I felt the same way actually. It’s good, but it’s too rough to feel like a real ‘replacement’ for what we already have. I’ve listened to the 2004 version so many times that I miss the things that aren’t there on this version (If I’m remembering correctly, a lot of lyrics weren’t finished originally and Parks had to write new ones for the 2004 one.)

      • I feel like all of these (legitimate) gripes are trumped by the fact that this is a Beach Boys record from when they were still in their prime. The band is better, the vocals are better… everything just sounds better. The ’04 version was well-done, but I don’t feel like it compares to the original in terms of sound.

  4. holy turdmuffins, what a glorious day.

  5. holy turdmuffins, what a glorious day.

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