The only real question here is how did it take this long for this to happen:

(This is a real band called Miracles Of Modern Science, btw.)

See also: TeBowie. See also: (F)Li Foxes. Since the internet is obviously just going to be doing this all the time now, how about we make requests? Santi-Hole? Ri-Annie DiFranco? Galaxie 311?

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  1. Powerman 311

  2. Ol’ Dirty Projector

  3. Grateful Dead Weather

  4. Am I the only one craving some Kriss Krosstofferson?

  5. The Head and the Bird and the Heart and the Bee.

  6. The Cults (The Cult and Cults)

  7. I can only come up with The Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Yeah Yeahs; Peter, Paul, Bjorn and John and Mary; and Steely Danny Brown

  8. Vampire Weeknd?

  9. Odd Future Wolf Gayngs

  10. The Tallest Men at Work

  11. Earth, Wind & Arcade Fire

  12. A$AP Roky Erickson

  13. The Zola Jesus and Mary Chain.

  14. Lana Del Ray Charles

    Bon Ivor Novello

    The Brian Jonestown Massive Attack

    Kanye Westlife (remember them?)

    311 Republic (remember them!?)

  15. Thom Björke

  16. Selena Gomez and the Broken Social Scene

  17. Odd Future Wolf Eyes Parade Gang Kill Them All

  18. I can’t wait for the new song from Queen Day, “Bohemian Idiot”.

    Or Fall Out Boyz II Men with their new track “Sugar, we’re going down on bended knee”

    Also, Hot Hot Coldplay.

  19. The Black Eyed Keys

  20. The Smiths Westerns

  21. Bon A Tribe Called ?uestloverboy George Michael Jackson 5iver

  22. Badly Drawn Boyz II Men

  23. Miracle Legionnare.

  24. Éamonn Shannon  |   Posted on Jan 24th, 2012 +15

    Adele the Funky Homosapien

  25. …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead Kennedys

  26. Radioled Zeppelin

  27. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  28. Of Montreal and Monsters and Men

  29. Sufjan Stevie Nicks

  30. Talking Radioheads

  31. Big Brother and the Hold Steady

  32. TV On The Walkmen.

  33. Panic at the Disco Biscuits

  34. Katy Perry Ubu

  35. Akron Family Man is the Bastard
    (too soon?)

  36. Smokey Robinson and the Miracles of Modern Science.

  37. I can’t stop listening to this. Also Grizzly Panda Bear.

  38. Soooo… who else is sick of whimpering males all the time?

  39. Aloe Blacc Sabbath

  40. The Eagles Of Death Cab For Cutie

  41. Fiona Apples in Stereo

  42. Belle and Sebastian Bach (the good one, you know, from Skid Row)

    Neutral Harvey Milk Hotel

  43. And now Miracles of Modern Science get a massive publicity boost (rightfully so, they’re pretty good and this video is perfect). Is making a one minute parody of a critic-worshiped band a new formula for success? Hey, it beats building a whole career on a music video with treadmills in it.

  44. The Alkaholykke Li’s?

  45. Pissed Fields

    Magnetic Jeans

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