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Out this week is Slow To Love, the album by Brooklyn-based torch-song singer Doe Paoro. She comes with some steam and production vision behind her already, which you can see in the crisp videos for “Born Whole” and “Can’t Leave You,” and via the strings that color the latter, or the session-player fretless-bass style that slices up Paoro’s R&B-by-way-of-Badu on “Born.” The record’s overall vibe is spacious verging on skeletal, though, suggesting a demo-like atmosphere which is actually somewhat becoming: Doe possess both a clean, capable voice, and the propensity to dip into Imogen Heap-y vocoder; she’s better when she’s more honest herself, and her instrument. Paoro has a pop song called “Body Games” ready for makeup commercials, a track called “I’ll Go Blind” that will sit well with those psyched about D’Angelo’s return, and a cover of a track by the great Baltimore synth-pop outfit Future Islands, and you can get at all of those — and the whole record — below:

“Born Whole”

Here’s the whole album:

Bonus: A cover of Future Islands’ “Little Dreamer“:

Doe’s Slow To Love LP is out via Anorak.

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  1. I wonder if this album will be released on vinyl.

  2. Amazing videos and album…. Definitely an artist to watch

  3. I went to her concert in Brooklyn it was wonderful! Doe Paoro is a rising star.

  4. Body Games is ready for makeup commercials?! As long as it’s not a drugstore brand. LONG LIVE DOE

  5. love this womyn so much! she’s a force. watch out world

  6. Beautiful voice and beautiful videos!

  7. love me some Doe Paoro!! this woman can sing like no other!!!

  8. Soul bending and bone chilling. These tracks are like church music of the future. Just gorgeous.

  9. AMAZING! could not be happier. That awkward moment when you see dreams coming true.

  10. I stumbled across her show at Glasslands on Monday night in Williamsburg…Wow…it was magical!

  11. I would like this on vinyl, please. THANKS.

  12. I saw Doe Paoro at Glasslands on Monday night and was witness to something very special. Her haunting “ghost soul” vocals chill you to the core, but in such a good way! Her encore of a traditional Tibetan opera song transported me to the Himalayas and back – this girl is definitely one to watch!

  13. I would LOVE this in vinyl. Particularly the first song ‘Can’t Leave You’. Gorgeous

  14. Soul, class, and actual talent – love her.


  16. love.

  17. Amazing album.

  18. I agree Evan

  19. such a beautiful record inside and out. love love love.

  20. what an amazing voice!!! i can’t stop repeat listening these doep songs

  21. illimatic. reminds me a little bit of lauryn X james blake

  22. Absolutely gorgeous!!

  23. Cannot stop listening to this. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

  24. I’ve been in love with Can’t Leave You and Born Whole since those singles were released, but now I’M LOVING Body Games–it’s epic!

  25. Literally cannot stop listening to this album. Perfection.

  26. BOOM. DONE. Amazing. Can’t stop listening. Love.

  27. AHHH LOVE IT!!!

  28. Doe Paoro’s star is rising fast yo!!! LOVE her music!!

  29. Soooo Goood!!!

  30. I want to be you. Genetically I am close.

  31. My assistant Coach is your brother! You rule! You remind me of Bon Iver.

  32. Beautiful music from a beautiful soul

  33. sounds like god beat boxing

  34. This music is

  35. Absolutely beautiful! I love this artist. Here voice is so sexy and other-worldly and the songs are so great. Can’t stop listening and discovering something new each time.

  36. What an amazing video! Beautiful covers and movement. :)))

  37. vibey…on that astral flow. pineal gland vortezxx

  38. Absolutely incredible! Her talent is captivating and one of a kind. Diggin these tunes mad hard right now.

  39. where the fuck did all of you people come from? Where am I?

  40. seriously, where are you donny. ships sailin

  41. as if her voice unravels a knot in my body and soul! doe paoro is truly a visceral experience.

  42. When is she going on tour?!!! can’t wait to see Doe live!!!

  43. Amazing album — so happy it’s finally out! Hauntingly gorgeous voice, awesome video.


  45. This girl sings with the most sincere conviction! Her cover of Whitney’s “So Emotional” was absolutely gorgeous at Glasslands Monday night!

  46. This new talent seeps into your soul and twists all cares into a meditation. The static interference of the mundane just disappears into the ether when you let her in. Purchased on Valentine’s Day. Clearheaded since…

  47. Doe Paoro has freshness and soul. Wow.

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