We were recently introduced to Chris Taylor’s new label with Ethan Silverman, Terrible Records, via its first release Acrylics earlier this month. CT takes a production credit on that band’s debut EP, as he has for Dirty Projectors (Rise Above), Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson (self-titled), and Grizzly Bear’s Yellow House and Veckatmest. No surprise then that Taylor handles all facets of the release, recording, and production for the solo track “Ghosts,” his first issue under the name Cant. It’s a great cut, and great fun for fans of Grizzly Bear curious to hear how their sound comes together. With Rossen’s (not quite solo project but still) Department Of Eagles, we got to hear a relatively unchecked expression of his unique compositional sense. There’s an interestingly crafted song here, too, but with Cant the emphasis is on sound and aural vibe first, which is what you’d expect from the hands that shaped Grizzly’s studio efforts: “Ghosts” packs (yes) ghostly harmonies, the odd tambourine hit, that distinctive bass tone and spacious yet filigreed arrangement. You know the voice from myriad GB backing vocals; it’s nice to hear it out front for a change. The track does mix an spectral airiness with an underwatery wobble, which makes sense with all the allusions to swimming — and drowning.

Cant’s debut 7″ is out today via Terribe, featuring “Ghosts” b/w the unreleased Arthur Russell folk track “Come To Life.” (If you’ll remember, Chris curated last year’s collection of Arthur Russell rarities, the excellent Love Is Overtaking Me.)

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  1. i really like it :)

  2. paper  |   Posted on Oct 13th, 2009 0

    that dude has a wierd face.

  3. Wow I didnt know whether or not his voice would be able to carry a song, but after hearing it I really enjoyed it. I wish it cut throught the mix in the song a bit more. Makes me hope he sings some lead on the next grizzly bear release.

  4. Chris Taylor is amazingly talented. Not only does he produce and record all these albums and tracks, he plays all sorts of instruments and has a fantastic voice! I have been really anticipating this release for some time now. It is exactly what I expected from him, except even better! I would love to hear more from him. I agree with the comment above, I like his voice a lot and would love to hear it utilized and featured more in whatever Grizzly Bear does next.

  5. You're So Clever  |   Posted on Oct 13th, 2009 0

    It’s a brillinant girl group sound in need of girl voice and tradgedy lyrics…

  6. Every member of Grizzly Bear is unstoppable. Awesome, just awesome.

  7. a-mole  |   Posted on Oct 13th, 2009 0

    squishy face?
    yeah dude’s face has been squashed

  8. what?  |   Posted on Oct 13th, 2009 0

    what? don’t know what you guys are talking about. prince T gives me mile-high boners.

  9. zxcvb  |   Posted on Oct 13th, 2009 0

    I know who Chris Taylor looks like — Christopher Nolan!

  10. luke  |   Posted on Oct 13th, 2009 0

    ok, here’s the post gush, typo free version:
    geez, this is so much more amazing than i expected. vocally, he’s the bridge between Dan & Ed – which is shocking. i had no idea. and musically, well, he’s apparently a genius. man, music is growing up – finally.

  11. phillip  |   Posted on Oct 14th, 2009 0

    anyone know if other GBs are on this track? That guitar sound is very Dan

  12. Peter  |   Posted on Oct 14th, 2009 0

    How did so much producing/composing/singing talent get stuck in one band? I would be massively sad if the ‘Grizz ever broke up, but that might mean four superawesome solo projects floating around. As it is we’re stuck with waiting three years for every album.

  13. Mr Bish  |   Posted on Oct 16th, 2009 0

    Blimey, comments on stereogum don’t half veer from snobbier-than-thou cynicism to gushing-galore. Seems GB are on the gushing end of the spectrum at the moment. Sounds ok to me, but it’s a bit like a pissed Beach Boys jamming with a post-rock band. Not saying that isn’t good, but words like “genius” seem to get bandied around a little too easily round here…

  14. Charlie  |   Posted on Oct 16th, 2009 0

    Sounds groovy…

  15. shitty dude, shitty name. CAN will forever rule.

  16. remy  |   Posted on Feb 21st, 2010 0

    He’s talented AND handsome? Wow!

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