For this season of Squidbillies, the Adult Swim cartoon about yokel squids, a different artist will sing the theme song of every episode. King Khan And The Shrines, Dwight Yoakam, and Todd Rundgren are all on tap for the rest of the season, but for the debut episode, we get to hear Neko Case do the song. (We also posted Lampchop’s cover a little while ago.) Listen to the Neko version below.

The teenage Brooklyn rapper Bishop Nehru has teamed up with the masked underground rap eminence DOOM to form a duo called NehruvianDOOM, and their self-titled album is coming out later this year. We’ve already heard two of the LP’s tracks, “Darkness (HBU)” and “Om,” but we haven’t heard one thing from the LP yet, and that’s DOOM delivering a proper verse on the album. But on “Caskets,” the latest track from the EP, DOOM opens things up with a nicely grizzled appearance before Nehru takes over the track with young-scholar energy. DOOM also produced the track, and it’s got his woozily melodic dusty jazz-influenced fingerprints all over it. Listen below.

Haim have allegedly started work on their follow-up to last year’s highly rated debut album Days Are Gone, which — and this seems crazy to me — isn’t even a year old yet. So although the album already feels like an old, weathered classic, it isn’t that crazy that Haim are still releasing singles off it. The next one, a limited-edition 7″ picture disc of “My Song 5,” will be extra-special: As CoS points out, the vinyl comes shaped like Alana Haim, with arms and legs stretching well beyond the circular outline. The B-side will be the “My Song 5″ remix with A$AP Ferg, for which they also made a star-studded music video recently.

Last year, out of nowhere, David Bowie returned to the public eye with The Next Day, his first album in 10 years and best in far longer. Although Bowie hasn’t been making a lot of public appearances in support of the record, a few months back he issued a vague statement promising more new music “soon.” When news broke a few weeks ago that unreleased material will appear on the Bowie greatest hits collection Nothing Has Changed, it tempered expectations that the Thin White Duke might have an entirely new project in the works. But no, Bowie “definitely” does have another album coming “soon,” The Next Day producer Tony Visconti reiterated in a new interview with CNN. “There’s gonna be another album, definitely,” was Visconti’s exact quote.

Porces. is Aaron Maine, a New York resident who makes spindly, idiosyncratic homemade pop music and who’s been putting out a steady stream of smaller releases for a minute now. He’s now linked up with Terrible Records, the label that Grizzly Bear’s Chris Taylor co-founded, to release two new songs on a 7″ single. The A-side is “Prism,” a slippery and insinuating synthpop jam, and you can hear it below.

Later this month, Prince will release two albums on the same day: His own Art Official Age, and Plectrum Electrum, from his 3rd Eye Girl band. In the past few weeks, he’s shared the Art Official Age tracks “Clouds,” “U KNOW,” and “WHITECAPS.” And earlier this week, he released “FUNKNROLL,” a song he debuted on Arsenio back in March, as a single. The track is a spare, minimal groove, something that’s in vogue right now. But Prince has been making spare, minimal grooves for longer than many of us have been alive, and so maybe the release of “FUNKROLL” is a good opportunity to think about how a song like “Erotic City” changed the world. Listen to “FUNKNROLL” below.

San Francisco-based ambient musician Tycho is also a visual artist, which might explain why his recordings are able to conjure vivid imagery and pair it with candid emotion. Ghostly has now released a remix of Tycho’s “See” by labelmates Beacon, which finds the track soaring through a heavenly realm even further from Earth than the original recording. The remix strips down some of the instrumentation of the original, and adds hushed vocals over a melody that gorgeously builds and effortlessly breaks down. Beacon pairs a celestial Boards Of Canada-esque approach with a drizzle of ambient and trance, creating a track that simultaneously transports and grounds the listener. Give it a listen, and then, hear the “Official Performance Cut” of “See.” And below that, check out Tycho’s upcoming tour dates.

Mark Pellington is a music video director most famous for doing Pearl Jam’s iconic “Jeremy” clip. He also directed the movies Arlington Road and The Mothman Prophecies, and more recently, he worked with Chelsea Wolfe on her short film Lone. In 1999, Nine Inch Nails hired him to make the video for “We’re In This Together,” the first single from their double album The Fragile. But when they were done shooting the video, Pellington and Reznor disagreed over which edit of the video to release. Both ended up putting out their own versions, and they haven’t spoken since. Pellington described the whole affair in a recent column for Alternative Nation; read some highlights below.