Lion Babe – “Wonder Woman” Video

By Caitlin White / March 26, 2015
Jillian Hervey and Lucas Goodman make up the silky, pop-funk duo Lion Babe, who just released their first self-titled EP. Today they've shared a song that wasn't on that release, the swag-inducing "Wonder Woman," that slinks along an ominous little beat that bursts into deep grooves to match Hervey's vocal runs. While Goodman stays mostly… More »

Elliot Moss – “Best Light”

By Caitlin White / March 26, 2015
My friend's SoundCloud was idly playing in the background a few weeks ago when Elliot Moss' "Slip" came on. She's a former music blogger with impeccable taste, so I always love it when she plays me music, but this was different. The song stood out immediately. Moss' falsetto vocals evoke Justin Vernon with uncanny… More »

Hey Elbow – “Ruth” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

By Gabriela Tully Claymore / March 26, 2015
With the first echoing "AY-O," Hey Elbow's song "Ruth" is instantly recognizable. It's probably not familiar because you've already heard the track, since Hey Elbow hail from Sweden and have made a very small footprint in the States so far. Instead, the opening moment is nostalgic because it so easily recalls Harry Belafonte's "Banana Boat… More »

Girls Names – “Zero Triptych”

By Collin Robinson / March 26, 2015
Irish post-punk quartet Girls Names have been in "a zone of silence and of pure possibilities for a new beginning" for about a year and half, but it seems they've been anything but idle. After switching from the looser surf vibes of 2011's Dead To Me to the melancholy '80s New Wave of 2013's TheMore »

British Prime Minister David Cameron Loves The War On Drugs

By Tom Breihan / March 26, 2015
David Cameron is the conservative Prime Minister of Great Britain. He's also a man with decent-if-basic tastes in indie rock. In the past, he's incurred the wrath of both Morrissey and Johnny Marr by claiming that he likes the Smiths. (It's not easy to get Moz and Marr to agree on much, but… More »

Torche – “Annihilation Affair” Video

By Patrick Hosken / March 26, 2015
Torche's latest album, Restarter, is a chugging beast. It's "darker, heavier, and moodier" than a lot of their previous work, as bassist Jonathan Nuñez told us last month. And as the album's leadoff track, "Annihilation Affair" begins the entire experience in a cloud of dust gargantuan enough to soundtrack a post-apocalyptic… More »

Watch Some Behind-The-Scenes Clips From Kendrick Lamar’s “King Kunta” Video

By Tom Breihan / March 26, 2015
"King Kunta" is a knotty and troubled song. But in the context of Kendrick Lamar's complicated-as-fuck new album To Pimp A Butterfly, it's also a rare burst of funk and swagger. It makes sense, then, that "King Kunta" will be the next track from the album to get the video treatment. Kendrick i… More »

Yumi Zouma – “Alena” Video

By Caitlin White / March 26, 2015
Yumi Zouma shared their new EP II mid-March, and today we've got a video for one of the tracks, "Alena." Like the "Catastrophe" video before it, the story of "Alena" is a sad, hard one. Director Allie Avital Tsypin's vision centers around a recovery group where the members share their struggles and hardships,… More »

Coliseum – “Sunlight In A Snowstorm” Video

By Gabriela Tully Claymore / March 26, 2015
Coliseum's latest J. Robbins-produced album Anxiety's Kiss is coming this spring on Deathwish Inc. We've already heard the record's first single, "We Are The Water," and seen an accompanying video, and now the Louisville-based band puts forth their latest offering. "Sunlight In A Snowstorm" is presented to us with a high-contrast black and white… More »

Pfarmers – “The Ol’ River Gang”

By Collin Robinson / March 26, 2015
Pfarmers are an amalgamation of a few bands and sounds. Danny Seim (Menomena, Lackthereof), Bryan Devendorf (the National), and horn player Dave Nelson (David Byrne & St. Vincent, Sufjan Stevens) convene to conjure a style that is all together distinctive. Along with announcing their new album, Gunnera, due later this spring, the trio shares a… More »

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