Psychedelic British chameleons the Horrors are about to return with Luminous, their first album in four years, and now they’ve made a video for “So Now You Know,” which follows the expansive “I See You” as the second album track they’ve shared. The video depicts a group of suspiciously photogenic misfit kids who have some sort of mystical experience in an American desert town. The video can’t make any claims to realism — I don’t know if you’ve spent any time in the desert, but the teenagers who live there do not look like that — but it’s a powerful aesthetic experience nonetheless. Some of the prolonged helicopter shots in there will just take your breath away. Watch it below.

Yesterday, Sky Ferreira shared a very strange Grant Singer-directed video for her wounded anthem “I Blame Myself.” Ferreira plays a drug kingpin in the video, and other than the police who arrest her, virtually everyone else in the video is a young black man. There’s also an out-of-nowhere scene where Ferreira and her gang bust out a synchronized dance. I loved the video, but it’s probably not a surprise that the online commentariat has accused Ferreira with, at the very least, racial weirdness with this one, of treating her co-stars like props. (Ferreira’s current tourmate Miley Cyrus dealt with similar charges after last year’s performance at the VMAs.) Last night, Ferreira responded to those charges with an impassioned Facebook post. Check it out below.

Christoph and Anton Hochheim are probably best known for their involvement in Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, and to a much lesser extent the now defunct shoegaze/chiptune group Depreciation Guild (whose initial releases were so dear to me in high school that I actually quietly boycotted Pains when they first came out). The twin brothers also perform in Ablebody, a project that contains the great qualities they’ve brought to those other bands. The newest single “After Hours” builds a fog of romantic haze, with the brothers’ jangly guitar and heavy drums shining through like the bulb from a lighthouse. Listen to it below and grab the 7″ when they go on tour with Pains Of Being Pure At Heart.

In February, we talked to the pioneering American prog/sludge/pop/metal band Mastodon, who were then in the studio recording their forthcoming LP, Once More Round The Sun. And today, the first music from that album has emerged, in the form of “High Road,” which debuted today on 98.9 The Rock, and which you can listen to right now below. My two cents after one spin: I like it a lot! But I liked The Hunter a lot, too, and I think this is much closer to The Hunter than it is, say, Leviathan (which, um, I also liked a lot). Listen!

One of the most notable exclusives coming out this Record Store Day is American Beauty, an EP of four new songs from Bruce Springsteen. One of those songs is “Hurry Up Sundown,” a simple and charged old-school bar-rocker with a few flashes of Springsteen singing in his upper register. Springsteen played every instrument on the song, except drums, which Guns N’ Roses’ Josh Freese handled, and he even sang his own doo-wop backing vocals. It’s a fun song, and you can hear it now at NPR.

American Beauty is out 4/19, Record Store Day.

The Queens rap bruiser Meyhem Lauren is probably best-known as an Action Bronson associate, but he’s landed in the Mixtape Of The Week column twice, for 2012′s Respect The Fly Shit and Mandatory Brunch Meetings. And now he’s prepping the awesomely titled Silk Pyramids, a collaborative EP with the veteran New York rap producer Buckwild. The first single is called “Silk Shirts & Yellow Gold,” and it’s a tough, no-bullshit example of classicist hard-nosed New York rap. Listen below.

Ty Segall played Coachella last week and worked in something old, something new, and something Motörhead. The first part of his set touched on his Album Of The Week-honored Slaughterhouse, then moved into a trio of new songs (“Green Belly,” “Tall Man Skinny Lady,” and “Feel,” according to the setlist), before landing on a cover of “Motörhead” by Motörhead. Watch the entire performance below.

I Never Learn, the new album from the Swede-pop goddess Lykke Li, looms, and she’s already shared two songs, the twin dirges “Love Me Like I’m Not Made Of Stone” and “No Rest For The Wicked.” “Gunshot,” the third song she’s shared from the album, is still something of a ballad, but it’s more of a midtempo ’80s power-ballad type of thing, with cavernous drums and a chorus that will rip you right open and steal your soul. It rivals Twin Shadow’s “To The Top” as the best Phil Collins song I’ve heard this week, and it’s streaming at this site, which also features the song’s lyrics or watch it below (via Pitchfork).