A Dozen Electronic(ish) Artists Cover David Bowie

As he moves further into his 60s, David Bowie’s ability to remain not just relevant but inspiring across multiple scenes and genres is getting more impressive. Of course, just because you dig the man doesn’t mean you’ll tap into his chameleonic brilliance, boring indie-rock dude. There’s a new, electro-focused 12-track Bowie tribute Life Beyond Mars. Seems like it could go either way. So far we’ve only heard four tracks: Kelley Polar brings his classy space disco to “Magic Dance” … in Italian, but minus the cast of Labyrinth. NY Times grads Au Revoir Simone do a pretty and airy, but sorta whatever “Oh! You Pretty Things.” More interesting is Matthew Dear, who performs a downcast, synthesized “Sound & Vision.” Joakim & The Disco also keep it dark (and synthesized), but go dancier for “A New Career In A New Town.” You can hear those over here. If you don’t mind passing them along some personal information, you can also nab a free MP3 of Richard Walters & Faultline’s “Be My Wife.” So far more intriguing than I’d expected, but nobody has that voice.

Life Beyond Mars is out 7/8 on Rapster.