New Arctic Monkeys – “Catapult”

According to the helpful comment left by Mr. Quick, a “cornerstone” is “someone who can only have good sex when they are stoned.” And according to most who’ve spent time with Humbug, “Cornerstone” is the Alex Turner’s best lyrical and vocal performance yet. It’s already received a memorable video, and today sees the release of its very own EP, laced with three Humbug b-sides: the shadowy and distressed garage-spunk of “Fright Lined Dining Room” and the spikier “Sketchead” (sounding more like a Favourite Worst Nightmare castoff), and most prominent of the set, “Catapult,” a strong track co-written with co-producer Josh Homme. Have a listen:



“Fright Lined Dining Room”

The Cornerstone EP is out today via Domino.