New Wolf People – “October Fires”

Just when you thought musicians had left behind their wolves and crystals in favor of whales, this vintage psychedelic London quartet arrives with Tidings. Thing is, the collection gathers recordings made by main Wolf Jack Sharp in Bedford, England between 2005 and 2007, so technically they were right on time with the Wolf thing. Their sound, though, comes from a different time entirely. Or, as the well-written press release puts it:

Stitched together in a style reminiscent of Faust or early Mothers Of Invention, the songs lay nestled in snatches of field recordings, winding tapes, squealing feedback, studio outtakes and the voices of dead relatives.

The band’s official debut will be out sometime in 2010. For now, here’s one unstitched and upbeat outtake, “October Fires.” A lot happens in its 4:20 (yes).

Wolf People – “October Fires” (MP3)

Tidings is out 2/23 via Jagjaguwar.

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