New Vampire Weekend – “California English, Pt. 2″

Yes new Vampire Weekend, but I think ur a stiil a full eight tracks from hearing all of Contra proper, unfortunately. “California English, Pt. 2″ is not to be confused with “California English”; the latter is the album track, whereas this one, the sequel or whatever, is the b-side to “Cousins.” With “Horchata” and “Cousins” the band’s laid out some aural bookends, one eschewing guitars in favor of African instrumentation, the other one of their most kinetically guitar-driven. “California English, Pt. 2″ is on the “Horchata” end of the sonic spectrum, a hiccuping, harmonized vocal loop providing most of the accompaniment to Ezra’s straight-ahead, sunset-lit ode to a state that’s clearly been an inspiration point for this upcoming record. They’ve never explored the studio’s possibilities for arrangement more than on this one, and if a track this pretty is being cast off as a b-side, Contra just got a little more exciting.

(Thanks for the tip, PMA)

Contra is out 1/12 via XL.

[Photo by Tim Soter]