New Missy Elliott – “Best, Best”

Missy Elliott’s new album Block Party is out at the end of the summer, just in time to miss your Labor Day block parties. The Danja-produced first single “Best, Best” is a little reminiscent of Liz Phair doing her Avril impersonation, Elliott gloating about her man taking her to the mall, calling him her boo, getting “crunk in the club,” and letting us know that “He the best / He the bomb / He cute / He fly / He fresh / He give me / Good sex” and that “We fuss fuss / We fight fight.” They also “Kiss kiss / All the time time,” though, so it’s all good good. As she mentions at the beginning of the track, this is Missy in R&B mode. Above is what the cover art for the single looks like. This is how the single sounds:

Laid back, silly, slightly fun. And, speaking from experience (unfortunately), it should be easier to karaoke than “Work It.”

Block Party is out 9/9 on Atlantic.