New Liars – “Scissor”

In the midst of this “chillwave” moment, the jagged claustrophobia of Liars’ anticipated (and ambitious) fifth album Sisterworld (3/9, Mute) — outcasts and loners mixing it up in a post-punk riot of paranoia, cynicism, humor, dirt — is a great way for folks scared of things labeled “noise,” “punk,” or “metal” to inject caffeine and sweat into their everyday. Plus, even in the midst of all the clattering, there’s still plenty of chilled-out beauty. For instance, before things get rumbling, the album opens with the iced harmonizing of “Scissor.”

Liars – “Scissor” (MP3)

The minute forty five mark offers a taste of what’s to come (the clatter of “Scarecrows On A Killer Slant” and “The Overachievers,” the airier excursions like “Goodnight Everything” and the stringed “Here Comes All The People”) before a slight return. Baby steps. Sign up for band updates at

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