“Fuck Kanye West”: The Bonnaroo Graffiti Photo Set

Bonnaroo was amazing in so many ways. Waiting ’til 4:40AM for Kanye to hit the stage was definitely not one of them. While waiting those two hours I heard one “He better be getting head back there,” a few “This better be the best show ever”s, and many “Fuck Kanye West!” chants. (See also: “Kanye sucks.”) It carried into the next day, and spilled onto people’s t-shirts, handmade signage, and the Bonnaroo graffiti walls. Animalnewyork.com has a nice photo set of the weekend’s artistic expressionism (“Kanye Doesn’t Care About ‘Roo People” is a cute one). For reviews and rebuttals numbering in the triple digits from the instantly infamous Things Don’t Glow In The Sunrise show, head here.