Throw Me The Statue Cover Huey Lewis

In March we reported that Menomena and Throw Me The Statue had been added to the ever expanding Huey Lewis & the News covers compilation Are You Still With Me?!, joining the likes of My Brightest Diamond, Apostle Of Hustle, Will Johnson, Catfish Haven, and Oh No! Oh My! in their stabs at all things Huey. Well, now we have Throw Me The Statue’s smooth, dusky cover of 1983’s “If This Is It” in listenable form. It’s chillier than the original.

Throw Me The Statue – “If This Is It” (Huey Lewis Cover) (MP3)

The song showed up in original form on Sports. This is what it looked like.


Procure more info on Are you still with me?! at the official MySpace.

[Photo by Jess Merrill]