Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

This week we heard new tunes from Frank Ocean, Superchunk, Azealia Banks, David Byrne & St. Vincent, and Dirty Projectors. Will any of those be The Indie Song Of The Summer? Or should we crown a bunch of corgis barking “Call Me Maybe”? Let us know your picks. Next week we’ll unveil the shortlist as an official poll. And speaking of user-generated content, it’s time to unveil Stereogum’s weekly look at the highest and lowest rated comments of the past 7 days. Congrats to us all!



Jeremy Morton | Jun 14th Score:20

Hot Chip – Flutes

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#9 micahrophone | Jun 13th Score:22

you used a word counter and left a snarky comment…jussayin

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#8 gruff | Jun 12th Score:22

It’s true, absolute shit is now being created and delivered with astonishing speed and at very low cost.

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Alex Wood | Jun 12th Score:23

I generally feel the editors of Stereogum are far more open-minded than its commenters.

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Will Menzies | Jun 8th Score:23

Can we get a Premature evaluation of Tom’s baby?

Is Donnytillafreshié_ RaptorJohnny Breihan the best baby of 2012?

After what can only be described as a “leak” early yesterday, the new collaboration between Tom and his wife became public early this morning. While some will criticise baby Donnytillafreshié_ RaptorJohnny Breihan for being derivitive (she has her mother’s eyes, her father’s nose) it is likely that, like last year’s The King of Limbs, this one will be a grower. Asked about the birth of sophmore baby, Tom replied “when I first saw her, she reminded me of that Erykah Badu clip”. The sound of crying at 1AM is the odds-on favourite to be Tom’s number one summer jam.

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#5 wesz_rosen | Jun 14th Score:24

Since “Call Me Maybe” isn’t eligible, I’m gonna go with “The House that Heaven Built”.

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#4 dbr | Jun 12th Score:24

Everyone’s a winner, and we’re all going out for ice cream with coach Corgan!

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Andrew Burr | Jun 14th Score:29

Chris Brown probably looked like an asshole. Who the hell fights with someone in a wheelchair?

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#2 wesz_rosen | Jun 14th Score:31

So brave.

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Jason Finestone | Jun 14th Score:37

They missed out on a great opportunity to cal the collaboration “AC/DB”.

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#5 cale | Jun 14th Score:-11

Really… It seems to me you don’t listen to enough music. All those songs are shit especially The Only Place and Im his Girl. The only ones that are any good at all are the Hot Chip and Spiritualized ones, but still don’t belong anywhere near this list.

The best songs of the summer are easily:

1) Recloose- Magic
2) Ariel Pink- Baby
3) Usher- Climax
4) Japandroids- Fires Highway
5) Meek Mill- Amen

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Jordy Kasko | Jun 14th Score:-11

Twin Shadow’s “Five Seconds” is the closest thing to a song of the summer on that list for me. Here are a few of my favorites from my summer playlist:

Xylos – “Summerlong”
K’naan – “Waiting Is a Drug”
The Very Best – “Yoshua Alikuti”
Friends – “I’m His Girl” (hey, it wasn’t around for last summer, so it’s eligible!)
Spiritualized – “Hey Jane”
The Mowgli’s – “San Francisco”
Cub Scouts – “Evie”
Hot Chip – “Flutes” and “Motion Sickness”
Yellowcard – “Always Summer”
Pomegranates – “Passaway”
Django Django – the entire album, but especially “Hail Bop,” “Storm,” and “Skies over Cairo”
Sleigh Bells – “Comeback Kid”
Electric Guest – “Jenny”
Best Coast – “The Only Place”
Chester French – “Black Girls”
fun. – “One Foot”
The Plastics – “Stereo Kids”
Said the Whale – “Heavy Ceiling”
King Charles – “The Brightest Lights (ft. Mumford & Sons)” and “Bam Bam”
Passion Pit – “Take a Walk”
CHAPPO – “Hell No”
KO KO – “Float”
Gossip – “Melody Emergency”
Billy Talent – “Viking Death March”
…and lastly, anything that Capital Cities or Jhameel ever release… EVER.

Wow, that got out of hand. I listen to too much music.

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#3 Brandoch Daha | Jun 12th Score:-11

Whatever it was, it can’t have been measurably more pompous than most of Rainbow’s catalog. And Blackmore never impressed me all that much as a guitarist. He’s got chops, yeah, but he’s no Buck Dharma.

OTOH 100% of Radiohead’s catalog is limp whiny dogshit, while “Man on the Silver Mountain” rocks like fuck. And I guess ranting about Rainbow at this point in history is about 50% cool, which makes the only thing Corgan ever did that I wouldn’t kick him in the nuts for. So he’s got that going for him.

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#2 chrissofuh | Jun 8th Score:-11

it’s like bad adele. i loved bitte orca and rise above, but the press release, video, and music all reek of out-of-control narcissism. i’m afraid this band may be over, and that’s sad because there was a time when they were one of the best.

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Zachary Roman | Jun 12th Score:-24

Pablo Honey is better than every Smashing Pumpkins album

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llama_del_rey | Jun 12th Score:8


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wesz_rosen | Jun 13th Score:11

When it’s time to pony, we will pony hard.

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