Scott Lapatine

Scott Lapatine


It almost did. Some great tracks on that.
It came out after we’d voted, so maybe next week. I like it.
I would like to post it earlier in general but Fridays are always too busy. I will try though.
not to humblebrag but I'm listening to 'I Don’t Live Here Anymore' right now and it's kind of a cosmic gumbo
Haa — well full disclosure I asked Vivek to do “Solar Power” as a trial and then we figured … might as well run it. But next one will be something more complex no offense Lorde
Surprisingly no! a lot of people respond to tweets but don’t click links. We get minimal traffic from Twitter in general.
When we launch new comments platform it will get a separate list, I decided. We are really really close. It’s the stupid cache issue I need the devs to resolve first.


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