New A Place To Bury Strangers Video – “Keep Slipping Away”

Screens were featured prominently in the video for A Place To Bury Strangers’ ear-exploding Exploding Head track “In Your Heart,” and the motif carries over into the Brendan Bellomo & Greg Wilson directed clip for “Keep Slipping Away.” Then they were obscuring the band in a bout of shadowplay; here Oliver Ackermann’s trapped in static and captured in a TV set hurled out the window by a lady who’s metaphorically doing the same to their relationship. There are glimpses of Oliver hard at work in his Death By Audio guitar pedal factory — where those Factory Records-ready effects are conceived — submerging himself so deeply in art trying to capture the beauty of his woman that he loses sight of the real thing. The ballad of a workaholic. The final scene is a television containing an image of the couple in happier times, hitting the sidewalk for a literal take on the album’s title. Poetry in explosion.

Exploding Head is out via Mute.