A Band By Band Analysis Of Blog House Worth Blogging About

I think we can all agree Hipster Runoff is crushing it with the Stuff Blog People Like meta-funnies on music/web culture, unless you haven’t read it yet in which case go there and read some and then come back to agree with us. Today HRO tackles Blog House, inspired by the genre definition offered by this CurrentTV feature. Those CurrentTV dudes look great, but still Blog House is a nebulous concept. So HRO’s Carles leaves the straight talk to those moderately alt bros, and goes for the sum via its parts, seeking insight into what is comprised by “the remix economy” by determining artists’ Blog House status. Some of the Runoff’s rundown:

  • The Teenagers (yes)
  • Justice (no. Too bangery, but maybe. I don’t rlly know abt them any more. We’ll have more answers after their 2nd album.)
  • Cut Copy (pre-dated blogs)
  • Ladyhawke (not sure yet)
  • Feist (no)
  • Feist (Boys Noize Remix) (deffs)
  • Simian Mobile Disco (too intelligent, but they attract bloghouse fans)
  • Klaxons (not usually electro-enough)
  • Animal Collective (did u srsly just ask that? ur ghey and don’t know shit abt music)
  • Chromeo (this is a brain teaser!)
  • Creed (no)

  • David Matthews (yes)
  • Rob Thomas solo (no)
  • Santana (ft Rob Thomas/Michelle Branch) (yes)

Here’s the rest. Also, +Follow him.