New Cure – “Sleep When I’m Dead”

The Cure’s newest in their series of pre-album monthly singles has a looping quality to go with the basic, repeated, and very truthful lyrical thrust of “I’ll sleep when I’m dead, you angels … but until then.” At first (and then later) I assumed the website was stuck on a partial clip, but looks like this is how the song progresses (?). Which makes it Robert & Co.’s Steve Reich moment (not really). Judged beside the recent singles canon, “Sleep” fares better than “The Only One” or “Freakshow.” We still haven’t heard the recorded “A Perfect Boy” or “Underneath The Stars.” For “Sleep,” listen at the Cure’s official site. Remember, album 13 is out 9/13. One more single to go.

UPDATE: The above really is just a looped clip of a standard late-period Cure song, not the sound of the band trying something new.

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