Gerard Cosloy’s Austin, TX Comp Casual Victim Pile Is Pretty Great

Matador co-founder Gerard Cosloy lives in Austin when not taking care of business at the NYC-based label. If you recall, in 2009 his Lindell Avenue home burned down. Sad shit, but less than 12 months after that, he’s put together the 19-track Casual Victim Pile, a compilation that documents what, to his ears, is going on musically in his hometown. Most folks know Austin as the site of SXSW, of course. People who like to connect things historically also know it is/was the breeding ground for 13th Floor Elevators, Butthole Surfers, Nice Strong Arm, Dicks, Scratch Acid, Averse Sefira, …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead, Shearwater, Spoon, etc. Publicly nodding at Matador’s 1991 underground NYC comp New York Eye & Ear Control and reminding me of the great regional label Datapanik or a Maxium Rock’n’Roll scene report, Casual Victim Pile includes bands much smaller and still on the rise than those listed. But it’s not definitive. Or, as Cosloy notes, “This compilation is only meant to reflect what I like in Austin circa 2008-2010 and you can probably name the inexcusable omissions just as quickly as I can…” I’ve mentioned in the past that I dug Cosloy’s old zine Conflict, so it’s nice getting his salty two cents here:

OK, let’s get to the FAQ I’m already tired of answering; Casual Victim Pile = an anagram of “Live Music Capital. You can safely assume that with all due respect to the City of Austin’s attempts to promote itself as such, the town’s most exciting cultural activity exists outside the confines of the Blues Hammer circuit nor is generally the concern of Lance Armstrong’s managers. (and to paraphrase Fred Friendly’s comments about Magic Johnson’s talk show, Mr. Armstrong is an inspirational…cyclist).

I was also advised that while Please Kill Bob Schneider rolls off the tongue rather nicely, Matador’s legal fees might skyrocket if someone did indeed, harm a hair on the multi-talented singer-songwriter’s head.

Of the album’s 19 songs, 18 are previously unreleased. Because borders are sometimes hard to demarcate, two of the 19 bands are from Denton. One of those Denton bands, the trio Tre Orsi, remind me off a scruffier Versus. Their contribution, “The Engineer,” stands out stylistically, so let’s start there. They probably like Bedhead, too.

Tre Orsi – “The Engineer” (MP3)

Expect an a new LP from Tre Orsi in February. Another favorite is the collection’s opener by Austin’s Follow That Bird!, a trio who recently released a one-side 10″ via Monofonus Press and mention Siouxsie, the Pretenders, SY, Erase Errata, and Dwight Yoakum as influences. Vocalist Lauren Green digs into this.

Follow That Bird! – “The Ghosts That Wake You” (MP3)

You already know I like Woven Bones. Their contribution’s excellent. Recent Matador signees Harlem also represent. And pay attention to the Golden Boys, Bad Sports, Elvis (yes), etc.

Casual Victim Pile is out 1/26 via Matador. The tracklist:

01 Follow That Bird! – “The Ghosts That Wake You”
02 The Young – “Blister”
03 Woven Bones – “Spirits Roam”
04 Flesh Lights – “Crush On You”
05 Dikes Of Holland – “Little City Girl”
06 Tre Orsi – “The Engineer”
07 The Distant Seconds – Akron Bureau”
08 Kingdom Of Suicide Lovers – Hoboken Snow”
09 Elvis – “Mommy’s Little Soliders”
10 Love Collector – “First 48″
11 Bad Sports – “Can’t Remember Your Name”
12 Wild America – “Drink It Dry”
13 Harlem – “Beautiful & Very Smart”
14 The Stuffies – “No One’s Gonna Miss You”
15 The Golden Boys – “Older Than You”
16 No No No Hopes – “Nobody’s Fool”
17 The Teeners – “Nazi’s On Film”
18 The Persimmons – “The Notice”
19 Lost Controls – “Entirely Wired For Sound”

The live version takes place 2/4-6 at Austin’s Beerland. For cheap. Here goes. Note that “lineups below don’t necessarily reflect the running order (though they might).”

Thursday 2/4
Follow That Bird!
Dikes Of Holland
Kingdom Of Suicide Lovers
The Distant Seconds
The Persimmons

Friday 2/5
Woven Bones
The Young
Wild America
Flesh Lights
The No No No Hopes

Saturday 2/6
The Golden Boys
Bad Sports
Love Collector
The Stuffies
Lost Controls