New Chris Cornell (Feat. Timbaland) – “Long Gone”

You know, tough thing about Jesus Christ poses: they’re just not that easy to keep up for too long. Those who remain righteous do not get rich, but do get deified; those whose arms sag get vilified, get paid, and hopefully let themselves get forgotten. I think most of us gave up hoping Chris Cornell would turn back towards his soundgarden of Eden awhile ago, but now it’s time to start hoping he’ll show some mercy, and just stop; things have gone from bad (Audioslave) to worse (Feat. Timbaland). This new track “Long Gone” is a love song, which is OK because love is nice. It’s got flange-ing “My Love”-y production and a general “Apologize” vibe, which is OK because those were hits or something. But when you add that voice to the canned, cookie-cutter radio-ready mix, the voice that was once “Outshined,” and we’re down on our knees today: the grace fall is complete. You can stop now. Let’s please start with the forgetting. Forget redemption, I’ll go with repression.

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