New Catfish Haven – “Set In Stone” & Devastator Album Art

Soulful R.E.M. and Huey Lewis-covering Chicago roots-rockers Catfish Haven’s third album Devastator is out in October. The first single “Set In Stone”‘s an original, but it echoes any number of funky (but not Sly funky), multi-vocal classic rock anthems. You might hear the Howling Rain or Black Crowes, but again, with quicker funky guitar chords and a “You Belong To The City” saxophone with the scruffy CCR vocals. Also note: The leggy, hot pink Devastator album art makes sense, though a bit of dew-drop perspiration would’ve nailed the feeling, made it a tad less Glass Candy-meets-Chromeo.

Catfish Haven – “Set In Stone” (MP3)

Devastator is out 10/7 on Secretly Canadian.

[Band photo by Caleb Condit]