The Raveonettes, Melody’s Echo Chamber, The Howls @ Belly Up, Solana Beach 10/11/12

Fuzz and reverb fanatics packed into the Belly Up Tavern to witness The Raveonettes unleash their tunes from their latest album Observator. Some of the highlights included the hypnotic intertwined vocals of “The Enemy“,  the noise freakout of “Aly, Walk With Me” and the inclusion of some older tracks like “Cops On Our Tail.” Sweetening the bill was the addition of Parisian dream-swirler Melody’s Echo Chamber who shimmered with “Crystallized” and  “I Follow You.” Check out the photos above and the setlist below.

01 “Hallucinations”
02 “She Owns The Streets”
03 “Dead Sound”
04 “Blush”
05 “Curse The Night”
06 “The Enemy”
07 “Gone Forever”
08 “Observations”
09 “Remember”
10 “Young And Cold”
11 “Love In A Trashcan”
12 “Attack”
13 “My Tornado”
14 “Bowels Of The Beast”
15 “Aly, Walk With Me”
16 “Sinking With The Sun”
17 “Cops On Our Tail”